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  1. "Cousins" is downright beastly live.
  2. oh no i admitted i browse pitchfork.tv i like well-shot live videos of bands i like oh my god what a poser i am.
  3. i too am into indie hipster shit, but right now lo-fi/psych-pop and punk is way more exciting than sufjan/grizzly bear etc. bands like real estate, times new viking, and vivian girls also, this: http://pitchfork.com/tv/#/episode/1480-titus-andronicus/4
  4. is going to suck. thoughts? http://www.spinner.com/2009/12/01/animal-collective-working-on-film-new-music/
  5. some recent faves: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski :: The story of a photojournalist who moves into a lovely New England house and discovers that it is bigger on the inside than on the outside. Also: Baudrillard, Norse Mythos, experimental typography, and other assorted Borgesian madness. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides :: An eerie, dreamlike story of loss of innocence in a vividly-rendered American suburbia. Also gets props for its unusual narrative voice; the narrator is a collective "we" representing the neighborhood boys who obsessed over the titular virgins, and features interviews and other secondary evidence. I also just picked up a collection of Edward Albee plays that's pretty stellar.
  6. Washed Out - Life of Leisure - far and away the most rewarding act from this latest crop of fuzzy bedroom electro-pop, Washed Out takes Neon Indian's loopy tape-deck techno schtick and just plain writes better songs with it. "Get Up" Times New Viking - Born Again Revisited - lo-fi's most adept melodicians produce another steller 30 minutes of blown-out power pop goodness. Seriously, Wavves who? "Move to California" St. Vincent - Actor - the former Sufjan cohort helms a record that sounds like what happens when factories fall in love. but you know, the dangerous obsessive kind of love. " " honorable mentions to Real Estate's amazing self-titled record and No Age's Losing Feeling EP.
  7. 2007 spoon - ga ga ga ga ga times new viking - present the paisley reich caribou - andorra black lips - good bad not evil beirut - the flying club cup justice - cross lcd soundsystem - sound of silver M.I.A. - kala menomena - friend & foe the national - boxer okkervil river - the stage names the shaky hands - s/t shocking pinks - s/t skeletons - lucas sunset rubdown - random spirit lover tokyo police club - a lesson in crime white williams - smoke shout-out to 1979
  8. more like fowl city, amirite?
  9. chemicaldanny


    bands that are saving punk- times new viking, black lips, mika miko, fucked up, thee oh sees discuss
  10. chemicaldanny

    CX Art Showcase

    "brain fart" chalk & charcoal
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    another mixtape, for whoever's interested. this one focuses mainly on the newest crop of bedroom/lo-fi dance and shoegaze music that's been pretty much soundtracking my summer. good stuff, i promise. 1. Phaseone - (Only) Reprise 2. Washed Out - Feel It All Around 3. Atlas Sound - Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox) 4. Small Black - Despicable Dogs 5. Neon Indian - Terminally Chill 6. Trailer Trash Tracys - Strangling Good Guys 7. The Depreciation Guild - Stuck Pig 8. Washed Out - Hold Out 9. Gentle Friendly - R.I.P. Static 10. Memory Cassette - Body in the Water 11. Pictureplane - Transparent Now (Thin Veil) 12. My Summer as a Salvation Soldier - Monument 13. The Depreciation Guild - Parasol Parachute 14. Neon Indian - Seriously, It's Over http://intocb.blogspot.com/2009/08/mixtape-fuzzy-dreams.html
  12. I was recently reading a pretty thoughtful piece on Google Street View and its implications for yadda yadda. What're some of the best street view blogs, preferably ones that skew arty?
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