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  1. duallain

    Idaho Team's Cases

    Another Aff I saw Hillcrest running was peacecorp, make immigrants work 2 years to be citizens.
  2. I'm wondering if anybody knows if Idaho is having mandated plan texts like last year, or just the case areas. If it is in fact plan texts would somebody post them?
  3. Perhaps a way around this is to have the author publish the article from their end, then you'd essentially just be cutting their website, something I doubt is a problem for most people. Though if I were to hit you in a round I probably wouldn't be doubting the evidence simply by the way you gathered it, but trying to argue against its warrants.
  4. I know this is a thread that is about two weeks old, but here are some email addresses: Colleen Smith <csmithberry@yahoo.com>, Jane Chandler <jane_says3@yahoo.com>, Mark Sedlacek <strangerwithcandy53@yahoo.com> I think that all of those folks are still going to be attending Boise High, and I don't know if they check their email, but I hope it helps anyway. (also if you know their coach's name you should be able to send him an email at firstname.lastname@boiseschools.org or something like that)
  5. Im not really adding files to the google page creator page (the duallain page) because the other seems to be working alright (even if there is no download script on the site) let me know if the nfshost page needs something, because besides being very plain I don't see much of a problem with it.
  6. Alright boys and girls, and men and womyn. I've updated the http://trialdebatepage.nfshost.com/ page. it will now allow you to upload files and then view them. This is not pending my approval in anyway. so be good. which basically means dont up planet debate. Anyone who has no life and the ability to use ftp please pm me as I need a mod for this to work and you'd be perfect.
  7. So I've given away all my oink invites. I usually get more every two weeks or so, but only two at a time. so blondebison is next then whoever. And I'm working on figuring out how to display the files that are uploaded but between working 8 hours a day and hanging with my girlfriend i havent found time.
  8. feel free to pm me about the oink invites jungle jim i need your email address and everyone else i sent you one. ive got 2 left. ive added a few more camps to the site, if anyone has wake wave one that would be sweet just so the camp is complete. I haven't downloaded the camps yet and so im not seeding them but ill do so tonight. If you need help figuring out what bittorrent is check out this faq: http://dessent.net/btfaq/ Thank you to those who uploaded, it should be very appreciated by those who use it this year. Also, if anyone has some coding skills maybe you could help me create a dynamic index file to show the files that have been uploaded, or at the very least change the uploaded files permission so that I can download it in an ftp window.
  9. First off the db8torrent page was a great idea but it has fizzled out because the creator probably got a life. In order to rectify that, and to learn how the web works I've created a couple of pages to try and fix that. go to http://duallain.googlepages.com/ to see the page where I am hosting the files and then if you have more evidence that you've found post it in the included link. As a side note, if you want an oink.me.uk invite let me know, I have 9 right now.
  10. Borah is bringing 2 kids to nat quals speech, so We'll bring it with us, no need to worry yo! You're from hillcrest right? (directed at the kids who left their ps2 and their bins)
  11. why not include some of the text before that like, "there are a multitude of reasons that i hate racial profiling" and then use inflection to get the seperate things seperated, whilst leaving the numbers out entirely.
  12. I cut an Intro/Framework card from the first few pages of the file, but I haven't read a whole lot of it so I don't know what else you can cut. I'm thinking that you could cut a critical case that basically had the government impliment the recommendations of the article as a single plan, basically say that the fourth amendment started out attempting to limit government power, but is now used as a justification for the use of certian powers, if we reconceptualize the meaning and enforcement of the 4th amendment we will reduce the government's ability to search without probable cause by eliminating a bunch of the loopholes that are in the system currently. I haven't tried cutting this but it seems viable, though perhaps far fetched.
  13. http://s21.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3NLUL44S3HGOS1YU9YXRQJ51ZI here is the article called "the world without a fourth amendment."
  14. what, you think i was too mean? probably, but i guess i dont like trying to help someone and having them pretend like ive burdened them some how. Im probably in the wrong in someway, but it's not like it matters anyway.
  15. you're pretty much an asshole aren't you. I try and make it so you don't have to do work none of your teams will probably end up using, and then post it because you are asking, "Does anybody have any idea what this is? I've been given an assignment to write a neg to it, but the problem is I've no idea what this is. I've done some research, but the best I've come up with is that he's a law professor." so basically what do you want? me to write a neg to my own case for you? someone else to write the neg for you? wtf dude. wtf.
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