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  1. can someone post the results?
  2. Anyone know if any Edison highschool teams are competing in it?
  3. How in the world would you solve for those advantages though? Whats the plan?
  4. I was wondering if anyone from Asuburn or lives near Broad Run is planning on commuting to GMU? I am a bit shocked at the external costs involved. $5-$15 a day + at least $10 for lunch and dinner, but anyhow, is anyone interested in carpooling? Also, if anyone knows, does it really require at least 25 dollars a day? Also what exactly are Copys?
  5. the negative has evidence stating that because PMF's are the ones doing the job, they are much more efficiend and DO NOT comming any type of sexual acts because they live by a stricter military law and on top of that, they further support it with evidence saying that the US has the most powerful and most well trained military forces. The UN is bad because the forces come from all different countries that commit such crimes.
  6. How would you answer to this if you were running Sudan? The Neg uses evidence stating how the UN has declared it not a genocide.
  7. This is my second year of debate and im planning on participating GMU's summer camp. For a second year like me, would you recommend the 2 week or the 3 week?
  8. im Affirmative with Sudan case. Negative runs Democracy Promotion saying that since US peacekeepers are in the UN, its gonna cause problems by spreading democracy. What to do against this?
  9. That would be incredibly great if you could. Their cards talked about how they were effective peace keepers. They provided examples all over the world where they have succeeded and stated that the UN refuses to work with the PMFs making them mutually exclusive.
  10. Darkness


    i guess UN bad is the only way to go, but it seems a bit too generic.
  11. Its pretty confusing. I tried using solvency attacks, but they had evidence saying PMF's are cheaper, I tried attacking with US Army has best logistics, and they had evidence stating that PMF's provided logistics to the US Army, I tried Sex Trafficking turn, which they responded to by saying that PMF's had a strict history and was made up of purely US soldiers and were well trained, etc. The plan itself couldnt be permed because they had evidence stating that the UN refuses to work with the PMF's. I tried running a bunch of UN is successful and better than other organizations, but then they had evidence directly saying that the PMF's were better than the UN. As you can see, solvency turns aren't that effective.
  12. Whats the difference between classic and fellows? Im thinking about applying for the Patriot Classic, but I have no clue what Fellows is.
  13. Darkness


    What is good against Intel? The affirmative states that they will be sending logistics to the UN and thats it. No humanitarian support or money. T:Substantial didnt work as they said the US has the greatest logistics and most accurate and it is extremely useful. What is good against this case?
  14. because of this "ceasefire" agreement, is it safe to say that topicality peacekeeping cannot be run since there is peace in sudan and that by sending un forces and supporting them, that it would be peacekeeping? also about this, can the affirmative use this piece of evidence to their advantage in any way? or is this type of evidence about the peace agreement better off with the neg team to use against the aff by saying that the peace agreement will just make things worse.
  15. example: a team uses a landmines case that uses moral obligation and the united states has a moral obligation to demine the mines that they have put into korea thats killing people. how do you take out this kind of moral obligation? is there any evidence that can take this arg out?
  16. there is evidence out there that states that US is now decreasing us sex trafficing within their own ranks and thus since the peacekeeping operation involves US troops, they will be a key factor in decreasing the sex trafficing cause by UN troops.
  17. I have decided to re-habilitate this poor abused thread with a new purpose as continually re-naming it has become a source of undue mental and physical strain for me. This is now the Official Movie Thread of the MA. I'm sure that we've had a movie thread before, but it's dead now, and I won't revive it. Name great movies here, discuss, pontificate, expound, enlarge your mind in cinematic greatness. I'll begin with a few of my personal favorite movies, in no particular order or genre: Pulp Fiction Top Secret The Naked Gun movies, particularly the first and third Starwars IV, V, and IV The Hot Rock The Producers Die Hard Goldeneye Airplane! Dr. Strangelove After the Fox The first Matrix movie Team America All three LOTR movies, particularly Two Towers I may think of more later. Now it's your turn- post your favorite movies. And then recommend some. And discuss. Yes, this is Ben, by the way. And yes, the poem stays. The fate of this thread is in your hands, MA denizens! Post and it will live! Cease posting and it will fade away, never to return! I've decided to add to Ben's mass manipulation of the Masses here. i.e. I'M BORED anyone else think that the yoda smiley () is overused, oh well
  18. Arafat was so good, but the elections will show whos gonna win. Hopefully someone with peace ideals.
  19. practice reading, there are also a few good books out there that you can read to get better. practice makes perfect.
  20. id never change to a diff debate, even if they are sucky topics. LONG LIVE POLICY!
  21. get west coast. its a very good stuff in it.
  22. Darkness

    WACFL 2

    Wacfl 2 was just a basically a brief tryout for me. I had a piano competition so I had to leave after 2 rounds and my partner had only 1 month of experience so he didnt want to go maverick. So basically, Wacfl 1 was just a brief participation thing for me. Cant wait till the next tourney when I can really kick some ***.
  23. t whores are nasty, think about all the HIVS or/and STD's
  24. Seccession is a very bad idea. america simply doesnt have the meanslike dub said. The majority is for bush, and theres not enough kerry supporters.
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