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  1. Final Results: Contemp: 1. Yorktown SS 2. Kempsville CW 3. Stonebridge FM 4. Chantilly GK Classic: 1. Yorktown S? 2. Tallwood CG -Semi: Chantilly FH -Semi: Maggie Walker? Great turnout all! Had a great time
  2. you gatta be cool and play the mario kart. it gets intense.
  3. seriously dude, thats badass. so far from chantilly: kedar pavgi: William and Mary andrew tran: James Madison University
  4. David, i think its all because... THIS IS SPAHTAH
  5. nope, cuz NFLs interferes w/ our graduation..i think.
  6. yea. it was a great 4 years tho. Thanks Mr H
  7. AAA Northern Region Contemp: 1st: Yorktown SS 2nd: Chantilly GK 3rd: Stone Bridge MF Classic 1st: Yorktown SD 2nd: Chantilly FH 3rd: TJ HZ LD: 1st: TJ EM 2nd: W&L EB 3rd: Woodson CL 4th: West Springfield SL GJ to all. Daniel, that last round especially was pretty hilarious. "All your DAs are belong to us" LOL
  8. who does science fair anymore?
  9. wait, is this VHSL states? I thought that was at Liberty?
  10. who uses cards anymore? I use 8x11 paper. sweet sweet environmental unfriendliness.
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