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  1. Totally random but will any debaters be there June 10-13? I have to do this summer freshman class thing and would love to meet the debate team while I'm there for orientation 6/10-6/13. I will likely be debating for Texas. Thanks, Hayden Schottlaender hms@mail.utexas.edu
  2. Also, is it known who Whitaker will debate with?
  3. oh haha sorry. Well then chingy and boykin - rep it baby Edit: And whoever else was there - I don't remember seeing any other GDI 07 people but if there were - i apologize.
  4. Boykin, Chinguaco and Guam - congrats on your performances at the TOC. Nice job representing GDI 07. GDI 08 - don't drop the ball.
  5. Official - University of Texas, Not debating.
  6. Good. SMU honors is now out. It's between UT and USC.
  7. Between SMU Honors, UT and USC for me.
  8. AznDebatr

    TFA State 2008

    Congratulations for Ryan and Daniel Octas was a great debate. Hayden
  9. Greenhill HS has submitted cites for the two affs they've read this year and I will pressure other Greenhill teams to do the same.
  10. Just got accepted to Wake Forest & Finalist for presidential. Other finalists include: Pavan (Coppell) Francisco Bencosme (Bronx) Carlotti (Cath Prep) Congrats to you all! yay!
  11. That was actually Greenhill RR v. Colleyville DH with McFarland, Hill, Johnson
  12. nice job getting in though - i don't find out until like april i'm pretty sure ur numbers are better than mine too haha
  13. hahahaha fa sho - - hopefully we won't have to debate greenhill juniors though, right? and also when I had dinner with Louden he said that the number fluxuates and it's been as many as 7 or 8 for debate some years.
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