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  1. What would an aff like this say? Any ideas?
  2. Destiny


    Why cant we be involved? Do you all have a problem with that? THis is not right, we should be able to post freely. We have rights man!
  3. Why would you all want names????
  4. oh wait, question was already answered
  5. there are also articles on google about how they are also developing cost effective ways to get rid of landmines.
  6. i honestly dont feel cool about this, i just want the ability to use custom avatars.
  7. what is post-date, writer qualification judgement, analyze card text, and trolling?
  8. Is it valid for the affrmative to state that I the neg, is inaccurate because they have 13 cards while I read 2? Also, what do I do when the aff says that my evidence is not valid because theirs is up to date by a year?
  9. writing your own is the best way to go about it
  10. are there actual ct's or any disads to use against UN Intelligence??
  11. This thread has really gone whack.
  12. Destiny


    Should have some stuff about how russia wont start a war if we do stuff like demining on their territory.
  13. If there is any evidence on russia supporting ottawa and/or demining, please let me know ad Id be glad to trade.
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