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  1. Hello All, My name is Aaron Thomas I am available for hire for 2013 Glenbrooks speech and debate tournament. I have a vast experience with policy debate and have coached numerous NFL national qualifiers. Contact me arthomas34@gmail.com for hire. Thanks -Aaron
  2. Can someone upload the complete teamlist? Thanks
  3. I'm looking for a Normativity K and possibly a Speed K. Am willing to trade Ks and PICs.
  4. AWESOME FIND! Did you find this on the 3NR?
  5. Yeah, I agree with this for the most part, but Ryan Wash, G-Stone have def been the better speakers I've seen from out of Missouri in a while. Not taking anything from Brad because he is a damn good speaker one of the best I've seen all year and he will be a force to be reckon with at Dartmouth no question about it. -Aaron
  6. I am also available for judging/coaching/prepping for NFL don't need housing. aaronthomas3@me.com
  7. Good ole missouri always fucking somebody lol
  8. Ok, that makes sense. Thank You for clearing that up. -Aaron
  9. Congrats to the first round teams. I am kinda shocked Jacob Polin didnt get a first round bid ..... just saying. -Aaron
  10. flowing king


    I am not sure if you are actually reading this thread or just commenting. My argument isn't that laptops in debate are bad, but rather paperless teams should have norms to follow because there are structural problems currently which I have explained. Computers in debate rock, we all agree hints why the current legislation should be changed. -Aaron
  11. Excuse me, but are you a dumbass fuck? The russians are in stage three of developing scalar weapons. Plus, how could they not destroy the planet? HAARP is form of Scalar Weapons as well, and oh yeah there is wipeout scenario that is commonly ran. Please know what you are talking about before you comment. -Aaron
  12. flowing king


    I totally agree with you 100% that norms should become established to make a smooth transition for paperless teams.Though the norms for paperless debating are far from firmly established, one thing at least is certain; the more teams that participate in paperless debate, the greater the pressure will be to establish reciprocal norms of citation sharing as well as in round debating practices. I do think it would open up new realms of cheating, such as card clipping, our "paperless version speech" where one has shorter/longer text than on the viewing computer(not saying this is currently being done). I am just an affirm believer of check and balance.
  13. Out of curiosity what are the stories to these scenario's?
  14. flowing king


    I dont see a problem with laptops in debate rounds. I agree MSHSAA should change the legislation/policy, the only argument it seems to be is the divide between economics but there are currently resources that some schools can afford and others cant (lexis, project muse, ect) which means it will always be an economic divide. It seems to me that labtops would make it more even because it would give you the ability to do work right up to your first round. Out of curiousity, what are people doing when the paperless team does not make all the necessary moves toward fairness? You do not want a computer crash or malfunction in the middle of a speech or before a speech, etc. You can try your best to make the computer area safe and keep it ‘healthy’, but there is NOTHING that ANYONE can do to take away the chance of an untimely crash. I have debated multiply teams where this problem has happened. I began keeping track of time between "stop prep" and actual speech starting time to transfer data. Avg amount--3 min 33 sec per speech. Multiply that by 4-5 speeches by 4 debates a day. The utility of paperless for the opponent is also a big concern I have and something that created some minor issue. I just think there should be some norm for paperless teams. -Aaron
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