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  1. You shouldn't worry about this at all. You'd give the other team cites to your cards if they asked, with the words at the start and the end of the card, and they could get the card text in 15 seconds online.
  2. Yes, this argument has been run significantly on the high school and college circuits. If you are interested further, send me a PM and I can get you the emails of a couple debaters that have significant experience with Camus.
  3. I'm not sure if your circuit allows computers in the prep-room, but recently, our Extemp'ers have started going paperless. It's a lot easier for them than lugging tubs around, and Ctrl-F makes finding corresponding articles easy.
  4. I hope it went well. Can we get a list of the award/scholarship winners?
  5. Preliminary facebook posts suggests that the MOSSA will be held on the weekend of May 22nd at East Kentwood High School. I am disappointed, because the whole Dexter team will be at Mackinac for the MSCI spring tournament.
  6. Yes, Dan Overbeek is such a horrible person. He's also a Socialist, Nazi, fascist, born in Kenya, a secret Muslim, a secret Jew, a secret Christian, supports the health care bill, wants the government to spy on everyone, everyday, is going to create death panels for accounts on cross-x that are old and no longer productive, and is Black. Oh, and had a party at a lesbian themed strip club.
  7. Dexter CP was 2-0 after 2 rounds Thats all I know
  8. ctrl - page up/ ctrl - page down moves you from flow to flow
  9. I got this in an email from Alan yesterday: § Registration at 2:30. § Pairings out at 3:15. Release both pairings at once. § The rounds on Friday start at 3:30 § Round 2 at 5:30. § Round 3 starts at 8:00. o Day 2 § Breakfast and pairings at 8 AM. § Round 4 starts at 8:30 AM. § Round 5 at 11:00 AM. § Lunch at 12:30 § Quarters/ Round 6 at 2:00 PM. § Awards at 4:00 PM. § Semis (JV) at 5:00 PM. § Finals (JV) at 8:00 PM. I don't have a team list, hopefully he'll post one here.
  10. I have heard rumors in the past couple weeks of a possible round robin run in the next month or so. Does anybody have any details/know if this is actually going to occur?
  11. PLEASE EMAIL michiganpolicydebate@gmail.com SOON SO INTEREST CAN BE GAUGED Michigan Policy Debate Association Offers The Michigan Tournament of Champions and JV States Sponsored by MSCI (Michigan Speech Coaches Incorporated) and DUDE (Detroit Urban Debate Education) January 29-30, 2010 The DUDE and MSCI are working with the MPDA to create an opportunity for your students. On January 29-30, 2010 at Dexter High School, these three organizations will be offering a Tournament of Champions and a JV State Tournament. All profits will benefit the Urban Debate League (see below). Varsity Tournament of Champions: Teams (an individual debater and his/her specific partner) will be awarded one bid for every Michigan Invitational tournament at which they break. In the special circumstance that a tournament allows more than half the field to break, bids will only be awarded to teams participating in the first break round that contains half, or less than half, of the field. Teams will qualify for the tournament when they have accumulated 2 (two) bids. Bids are tied to a specific two debaters, thus a debater who has 1 (one) bid with Partner X and 1 bid with Partner Y will not qualify, but can appeal to MPDA for an at large bid (which may or may not be awarded).At large bids are limited to one per school. The circumstances under which a team will be awarded an at large bid are: The above scenario where a debater has a bid with multiple partners, but not two bids with any one partner. If a school, as a whole, qualifies zero or one team(s), then they will be given an at large bid for one team/a second team of their choice. Schools may select any 2-person team to send, regardless of number of bids accumulated. We encourage, but under no circumstances require, that schools send a team of two debaters in their senior year as their at large team. Keep in mind that at large bids are limited to one per school. Teams may send an e-mail to michiganpolicydebate@gmail.com to appeal for an at large bid because of special circumstances. (For example: a team that was 4-0 at a tournament and certain to break and receive their second bid, but had to drop out of the tournament because of a family emergency or medical reason, would almost certainly receive an at large bid) All-State System (Who is named All-State?) At the Michigan Varsity Tournament of Champions, we will be awarding debaters with honorary positions on the first and second team all-state. The six individual debaters accumulating the highest number of MPDA points will be awarded to the first team all-state. The six individual debaters accumulating the next highest number of MPDA points will be awarded to the second team all-state. In the event of a tie, difficulty of tournament schedule and other factors will be used to pick the winner. Students on the losing side of the tie, and thus not awarded to first or second team all-state, will be given honorary mentions at the award ceremony. Points will be awarded as follows: (only varsity/open division will apply) Tournament Attendance: 0-4 Michigan Invitationals Attended____________1 Point 5-8 Michigan Invitationals Attended____________3 Points 9+ Michigan Invitationals Attended____________5 Points Speaker Awards: 5th Place Speaker ___________________________1 Point 4th Place Speaker ___________________________2 Points 3rd Place Speaker ___________________________3 Points 2nd Place Speaker ___________________________4 Points 1st Place Speaker____________________________5 Points Speaker award points are cumulative; each additional speaker award adds to the total number of points earned. Break Rounds: Each Break Round that a person debates in is worth 2 points. If a debater is in two break rounds at a tournament, he/she has added 4 points to his/her total. An additional 3 points is awarded to the two debaters who win the finals round. Win Percentage: 0-10%_____________________________________0 Points 10-20%____________________________________1 Point 20-30%____________________________________2 Points 30-40%____________________________________3 Points 40-50%_____________________________________4 Points 50-60%_____________________________________6 Points 60-70%_____________________________________8 Points 70-80%_____________________________________11 Points 80-90%_____________________________________14 Points 90-100%____________________________________18 Points JV State Tournament Each school can send up to 4 teams and each debater must be in their first two years of high school debate. No other requirements apply. The JV division will have 5 rounds: 3 rounds on Friday, 2 preliminary rounds on Saturday and will break to an appropriate number of elimination rounds. Fees Entry fee is $60 dollars a varsity team, $50 dollars a JV team. Checks should be written to Detroit Urban Debate Education. Profits from this tournament will benefit the Urban Debate League, offering scholarships to summer camps and to reduce membership fees for UDL teams to join the MIFA. Judging Each team must provide a judge for 3 prelims and all are obligated for the first out-round. Some judges will be available for hire for $50. Awards The Michigan Speech Coaches, Inc. has generously donated money to purchase speaker awards and team awards for both the JV States and the MI TOC. JV Entry: Please email your entry to Michiganpolicydebate@gmail.com along with the judges accounting for the obligation, if you need a hired judge just note in the e-mail. Qualified Varsity: If the team has qualified send an e-mail entering to michiganpolicydebate@gmail.com with the list of the two tournaments that qualified them and how far they advanced. At-Large Varsity: If you have not qualified a team and you are choosing to you use the automatic at large option, send the name of the team. If you have qualified a team and want to apply for an at large, send the name of the team with records for their top 5 tournaments. If the partners did not debate with each other for 5 tournaments send a list of all the tournaments they did debate with each other and a list of each individual’s top 5 tournaments (include records and any speaker awards for all of the above). All-State Send an e-mail to michiganpolicydebate@gmail.com with a list of each applicants attended tournaments as well as record and speaker awards in the top 5.
  12. Semis Dow (aff) d. TCC (2-1 Gupta, Carmody, *Overbeek) Aff: Natives 2nr: Consult Natives CP Dexter (neg) d. Mona (3-0 Mcpherson, Fischer, Saucier) Aff: Breastfeeding 2nr: Politics and Patriarchy Turns Finals Dexter (aff) d. Dow 3-0 (Mcpherson, Colburn, Cooper) Aff: Sex trafficking 2nr: ASPEC
  13. I have a couple problems with Office 2010, do you have any suggestions to fix them? 1. there is a shadow at the bottom of the flow, that moves down the page as you fill in the flow, can I remove that? 2. the add a copy of a page shortcut always adds a neg flow, never an aff flow
  14. Everyone Since the Novice and Varsity State Finals tournaments are approaching, please make a big push to add your cites and any cites or explanations to the wiki for any affs you've debated against this year. If you don't have access to the wiki, email brad, or feel free to email the cites to me, and I'll post them on the wiki as soon as i receive them Thanks to all, and have fun prepping for states
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