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  1. If you are interested in judging the CFL qualifier at BVSW or NFL qualifier at BV let me know. We do pay judges for these events and will be happy to discuss details via pm. December 6-7, BVSW December 13-14, BV -Swanson
  2. It belongs to Olathe North. Nice of you to find it for us!
  3. What year are you suggesting was the year we are talking about? I was on that panel at BVW. I don't know if it was his senior year or not. STA would need to clarify his statement. I suspect at least part of his comment was "tongue-in-cheek".
  4. It wasn't his fault. The opponent had an incredibly specific T def...magic BB. I should know. I was on that panel. 3 Coaches judged that round at BVW that year. How often do I vote on T?
  5. Those are good too. I heard Jennings debate and he was clearly good enough to match up with Culver.
  6. Culver was also national champion in extemp in 1983 he finished runner-up earlier in his career. Having seen both Culver and Ideen debate in prime I think the point is debatable by only a few who have that experience. Since I went to school with him my vote would be biased. I have heard coaches from outside of Kansas say Culver was the best ever at extemp. IF Bill Davis is honest he will admit to going crazy trying to beat him.
  7. Let me congratulate the community for a mostly positive dialogue. Too bad we can't change the name of the thread. As usual my friend from STA says it better and with fewer words than I can. Mr. Kennedy makes good points too. A couple of you could take out your double posts though! Good luck to all!
  8. I think it is very difficult to accept that subjective things can't be objective. Most of this discussion seems simply an attempt to advocate change by taking subjective ideas (ie best team, squad etc.) and using them as subjective. I applaud the community for thinking about how we operate and rationally talking about changes that look attractive. I think that there are very good reasons to have both events. I understand that many would like to see 4 speaker eliminated. I personally like the format and enjoy it. The complaints offered here are also true for some athletic events KSHSAA hosts as well. I can accept that even in those years we are given the "harder" regional assignment. Just for fun lets assume that only 30 of the debaters at state 4 speaker would qualify for 2 speaker (random objectiveness). That would create around 100 teams competing at 2 speaker state all debating 6 rounds with one judge. That still leaves a great deal of luck in the draw (seeding is a myth IMO) and the single judge assigned in each round to advance. I prefer a round robin with 3 judges in the room and a smaller number debating at state. If panels were feasable at 2 speaker I might feel differently but you all have had rounds where a different judge means a different decision. Sweepstakes (IMO) simply favors large squads over smaller squads in a 2 speaker format. I would be more opposed to that because I believe it favors large squads over time. I would love to have a large squad but in Olathe the way the requirements are written our top students frequently have not one single elective in 4 years...I accept that. But I will never have 130 of the best kids. We will usually have 5 or so from each class in our core. That was about the size of our squad at the 4A school I used to coach. One other argument I have heard offered is that 2 speaker is how we debate all year. I don't find that compelling. I understand it. It just doesn't motivate me at all. You have DCI to determine a 2 speaker champion. Let state be something different too. Conformity and homogeneity are not always desireable to me (in the judge pool either). That seems like a recipe that will leave the state with a number of large squads and fewer schools in the activity. I don't expect to change minds here. I would like to think that the debate world in Kansas is big enough for all of us. It doesn't bother me to be lumped in a group considered second class by the "elite". We will still show up no matter the format and support the activity. I applaud you all for taking ownership of it. My coach had a plaque over his desk. It said "It is better to debate an issue without settling it than to settle an issue without debating it". I don't remember the author but to me it applies here. Peace!
  9. I understood that. I wanted those posting to remember it.
  10. Let it go. There is no reason to demean what others have done.
  11. What are your first impressions? I generally hate change.........
  12. Lets give the dinosaurs a break OK? Extinction is bad enough!
  13. Dinosaurio

    DCI Results

    Congratulations to all!
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