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  1. I hope ur wrong.. lol or else ima go bankrupt and will probably have to sell my computer to get some money. O and just felt like sharing that two people from bronx science got accepted to z sophs
  2. does anyone know if z soph gives financial aid? and yea congratulations to everyone that got in
  3. Alright who got in? I got accepted to z soph woohooo (does victory dance) who else is going
  4. how many teams from greenhill applied to z sophs seeing as how they took woodward they'll probably accept you guys
  5. i recieved an email from dr scott deatherage and he informed me the decisions on the applications would be sent out in 2-3 days. Cant wait
  6. i sent in the reccomendation with the application and im pretty sure u were supposed to but maybe with a record like that who knows anythings possible. I hope they extend the day the deposits are due because theyre taking so long with acceptances. All you people are from california? anybody from the east side?
  7. has anyone gotten back any info from z sophs? they should have already replied to the people who got in rite?
  8. You might have patience but I unfortunately do not.... I've actually been waiting for this day for a while..... what's taking so long? maybe they got too excited they won NDT's and northwestern forgot bout camp stuff.... Anywyas anybody else out there that applied to z soph?
  9. I was informed in one of their emails that it was going to be sent today and they were going to come back from NDT's yesterday so im assuming that we recieve it through email... i hope i get in
  10. I applied supposed to find out today but still no answer I'm Francisco from Bronx Science New york City 1n/2a my record is around 27-9 If anyone gets the acceptance letter can u please post if they did... i dont know if the people that don't get accepted still get a letter
  11. thanx alot everybody my email is dominicndragon@aol.com Thanx for the democracy good impact cards.. but aren't there some better magnitude cards? Like something about how democracy solves for dehumanizing affects or preserves human rights or something. I know these cards sound stupid but maybe there are some out there Anyone can send me terrorism cards? All the other ones are good and very helpful thanx.
  12. helo, i need the following impact cards, Democracy good impact card, organizd crimes/ drug crimes bad impact card, biodiversity impact, terrorism impact card preferably Bares, Meade/Beardon Economy Impact Card, thanx i dont have much but i'm willing to trade aanything I might have
  13. can someone help me? Ima novice running the sudan and were not allowed to change yet... and i want to win at least some aff rounds so can i get some new inherency anyone might have on the sudan? like there whole inherency file on the sudan but that has been updated?
  14. im sorry i should know this since they used it against us but what are the usual uniqueness on the disad? And how do i make the uniqueness overwhelms link argument sound better? Also thanx evryone for all of your help its greatly appreaciated and it has been a big help
  15. What do you mean cow? Do u mean case outweighs
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