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  1. Need Imperialism Impacts ASAP- preferably in word format. If not its fine. PM me.
  2. does anyone have any file or any card that might articulate a reason why Canadian relations are good? PM me
  3. It says (i'm pretty sure) that is actually overturns Hiible .v Nevada which allows police to stop people and ask/demand to see ID Plan text- the US sepreme court should overturn Hiibel v. 6th judicial district court of Nevada, ruling that searches for identification may not be conducted without probable cause i thinking im probably misunderstanding something, but what does that have to do with a national ID, i thought it had something to do with that a national ID is going to be passed and plan stops it.... please correct me
  4. I looked and I did a search, but could not find any information about this Aff. I need to know any of the following what plan does plantext actor advantage If any one could help me out i would really appreciate it, ur explanation doesnt need to be too long.
  5. lookin for any and all consult brazil files anyone has, will trade heavily for what ever u have...
  6. im in. i have way to much free time now that my finals are over. and have a ton of guantanamo related cards that could apply. PM me asap so i can get to work
  7. [quote name=J "One proposed solution would see the transfer of Afghan, Yemeni, and Saudi prisoners to new U.S.-built facilities located in and operated by their home nations. Another, backed by the CIA, would send the detainees to general facilities located in Egypt, Jordan, and Afghanistan. And then, most frighteningly, there is the Pentagon's proposal: the creation of Camp 6, a $25 million state-of-the-art detention facility constructed specifically for the internment of Guantanamo prisoners."[/quote] 1. first idea doesnt solve as well, seeing taht prisoners will still be under the influence of the camp and still under biopolitical control(thats the first card). Torture will still happen in teh first CP linking back to the butler card, meaning they dont solve for the softpower/torture advatange or hard power. 2. See above, the detainees all will still be objects of biopolitical control, and the state will only create another state of exception(camp 6) to house the prisoners with-in . And there isnt any reason as to why the gov. will stop torturing and dehumanizing the prisoners, seeing as how some of those orders came straight from theh white house... but i guess if u could find specfic solvency as why( first CP) would cause relaease or solve the adv's some other way i guess it could work. And i dont really know anyhitng about the specifics of the second cp idea, but supposing u could find cards saying how this "camp 6" would be diff. in terms of gov. control, rights, torture, etc. it could work... PM me if u have any comments on this
  8. im in, PM me and ill do what ever i can to help, i have alot of free time
  9. im deffinitely in with this. I will have a ton of free time over the next month. and i basically have nothing else to do. PM for info
  10. wondering if anyone has this CP back from the privacy topic. If so PM me and we can set up a trade.
  11. hello, i have 40 or so applicable cards for 2ac stuff for the kritical and non-k version. However i am unsure of who to send this to and who is in charge. Please PM me with details and on who is putting everythign together and has the all the parts, for right now everyone kinda seems liek they are doing their own thing.
  12. this sounds like a real good idea, and i think ive got some applicable stuff, but what kinds of solvency cards are u looking for explicitly? AIM: Debaterfun331
  13. need cards sayin consultation with russia increases US soft power. consultation key to solve chinese expansion consultation key to solve north/south korean war consultation key to russian economy consulation solves Indo/pak Russia says yes cards(specific to PKO's or aff plans) -Iraq -georgia -airlift -gender -sex trafficking -liberia -cyprus -UN funding -RRF -UN funding/dues -*any other AFF I missed*
  14. need an impact to US EU relations that says they solve/avoid extinction also need a card saying transatlantic relations are key to US-EU relations. Also NATO-US relations key to US-EU relations Need strong Nato Key to avoid red spread any RRF files -PM me to trade
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