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  1. The Pflaum/Emporia State Open Speakers 1. Mark Wilkins (KU) 6. Caitlin Reynolds (KSU) 7. Brian Box (WSU) 8. Melanie Campbell (KU) JV Speakers 1. Donnie Hanson (ESU) 5. Kristyn Russell (KCKCC) 6. Megan Mapes (KU) 10. Tyler Joe (WSU) Open Octs WSU Box/Coleman def Kansas Bonnet/Jamison UMKC Allsup/Garcia def Concordia Bosch/Walker KSU Denney/Reynolds def WSU Bonitto/Donnell UMKC Bonnet/Sadowski def WSU Garvey/Munday Open Quarters Minnesota CH def KSU DR UMKC AG def Emporia State WW KU Wilkins/Campbell (octs bye) def UMKC BS WSU Box/Coleman def Minnesota KN Open Semis KU CW def WU BC UMKC AG def Minnesota CH Open Finals KU CW def UMKC AG JV Quarters ESU Hanson/Huang def North Texas DM KU Clifford/Mapes def KCKCC Harzman/Russell Oklahoma BK def WSU Joe/Raftopoulous JV Semis KU CM def ESU HH JV Finals JCCC DK def KU CM Las Vegas JV Octs Wis-Oshosh II def CSFU BB JV Quarters Wis-Oshosh II def Idaho State BC JV Sems Wis-Oshosh II def UNLV CM JV Finals Oklahoma CM def Wis-Oshosh II (good chance i might have missed people. post corrections.)
  2. Doubles Harvard JP def Trinity BG Kansas KQ def Emporia WW Baylor FK def Emory KS (#26 seed upsets #6 seed) Emory GJ def Baylor CM Towson CK def UTD BR Vanderbilt NB def Kansas KP Michigan LZ def Kansas State MZ Octs Harvard JP def Michigan LZ Kansas KQ def UTSA ML Georgia State GS def Baylor FK Quarters Harvard JP def Emory GJ Oklahoma GW def Kansas KQ Semis Harvard JP def Cal-Berkley BP Finals Emory IW def Harvard JP (2-1) Speakers 2. Alex Parkinson 7. Sean Kennedy 8. Dylan Quigley 10. Andrew Baker 24. Beth Mendenhall
  3. OPEN OCTS Baylor Morey/Nelson def Kansas Farron/Schmitz North Texas Rowe/Schade def UMKC Bonnet/Sadowski OPEN QUARTERS North Texas Kersch/Quinn def Baylor Morey/Nelson OPEN SPEAKERS 13. Matt Cook 15. Andrew Allsup 18. Alex Bonnet 21. Paul Mose 25. Drew Bonnet JV PARTIALS JCCC David/Waldrupbanks def KState Amidon/Somers JV QUARTERS Emporia Biswell/Hanson def Kansas Clifford/Mapes JV SEMS Oklahoma Cherry/Massey def Emporia Biswell/Hanson JV SPEAKERS 3. Donnie Hanson 12. Brett Amidon 15. Megan Mapes
  4. here are some backfiles from the HS Africa topic.
  5. Doubles (1) Northwestern FS def (32) Baylor Ford/Kaut (13) Emory KS def (20) K-State Mendenhall/Ziegler (5) Kansas Kennedy/Quigley def (28) Trinity MM (18) Georgetown DM def (15) UTD Baker/Roark (7) Northwestern BK def (26) Kansas Kennedy/Peterson (3) Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson def (30) Kansas Campbell/Wilkins Octs Pairings Kansas Kennedy/Quigley def Michigan LZ Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson def Emory GJ Quarters Pairings Cal BP def Kansas Kennedy/Quigley Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson def Wake CM Semis Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson def Northwestern BK Finals Cal BP def Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson Speakers 8. Quigley 10. Baker 15. Kennedy 18. Parkinson *Also, Nic Irick (Wisconsin Oshkosh) was in quarters in JV.
  6. Octas (1) KSU Mendenhall/Ziegler def Wyoming Ballard/Bausch (5) Baylor Cook/Morgan def Whitman Humble/Zendeh Texas Clarke/McNeil def (8) Cal Gannon/Weiner Quarters KSU MZ def Texas Texas CM Northwestern BW def Baylor CM Semis KSU MZ def Northwestern BW Finals KSU MZ def Idaho State IJ congratulations beth and derek. awesome.
  7. The adversaries that we may be facing in the coming years have gotten the word; that they need to go deep and they need to go hard, and that is happening more and more every day. We don't know how many are out there today. The Defense Science Board recently estimated there's about 10,000 hardened deeply buried facilities. We probably now about 40 percent of those. Of those, not all are that important to us. We would probably measure the number of strategic targets, if you will, in the thousands. And of those, our conventional weapon systems can handle most of them, the large majority of them. But there are probably hundreds in the world, worldwide now, where nothing we have can hold those facilities at risk. And so, that is a significant concern from the standpoint of deterrence, if the enemy thinks that he can put his most valuable resources somewhere and hold them safe. if you need citation information let me know. it's a FDCH transcript.
  8. dhanson

    NFL Clearing

    as well as Katelin Morey from Hutch.
  9. dhanson

    NFL Clearing

    Policy Top 64 Benson/Goering - McPherson Hamilton/Joens - Topeka High Garber/Kalmus - Blue Valley Badgley/Landis - Washburn Rural Empson/Newman - Shawnee Mission West Oatman/Richey - Blue Valley West Blake/Morey - Hutchinson 3rd Speaker: Morey, Hutchinson 5th Speaker: Bonnet, Emporia 13th Speaker: Richey, Blue Valley West IX Lewallen - Wichita East (5th Place) Bender - Sacred Heart (drops in octafinals) Bevens - Topeka High (drops in octafinals) Leib - Shawnee Mission East (drops in octafinals) Mecom - Field Kindley (drops in octafinals) USX Mattek - Salina Central (drops in octafinals) Senate Nichols - Blue Valley (in finals) Clark - Wichita East (drops in semifinals) House Hanson - Sacred Heart (in finals) Raghuveer - Shawnee Mission East (drops in semifinals) Habluetzel - Buhler (drops in semifinals) Sonneman - Goddard (drops in semifinals) LD 5th: Husain - Wichita East Supplemental Events Expository Speaking 4th Place: Diaz, Garden City 5th Place: Huxman, Maize South Extemp Commentary 5th Place: Mattek, Salina Central Supplemental Debate 5th Place: Leib, Shawnee Mission East
  10. dhanson

    Kansas at CFL

    Doubles: 3 Cathedral Prep (PA) WM def. 30 Silver Lake, KS (Riley Oblander / Jake Maryott) 3-0 4 Neenah (WI) OH def. 29 Kapaun Mt. Carmel, KS (Geoff Atkinson / Michael Washburn) 2-1 7 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) BP def. 26 Buhler, KS (Dylan Fehl / Evan Habluetzel) 3-0 8 St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) BG def. 25 Marquette, MO (Bayley Flint / Matt Johnson) 3-0 10 Sioux Falls-Lincoln (SD) LO def. 23 Emporia, KS (Kathryn Scherich / Drew Bonnet) 2-1 13 Shawnee Mission East (KS) HR def. 20 Stuyvesant, NY (Daniel Frankel / Andrew Huang) 2-1 19 Blue Valley (KS) KD def. 14 Stuyvesant, NY (Anna Gordan / Sandesh Kataria) 2-1 18 Thomas Jefferson SciTech (NY) CK def. 15 Blue Valley West, KS (Danny Richey / Mackenzie Oatman) 3-0 Octafinals: 19 Blue Valley KD def. 3 Cathedral Prep (Kevin Ward / Colin McElhinny) 2-1 4 Neenah OH def. 13 Shawnee Mission East (Emily Halter / Tara Raghuveer) 2-1 10 Sioux Falls-Lincoln LO def. 7 St. Thomas Aquinas (John Bertels / Natalie Phillips) 2-1 9 Vermillion MG def. 8 St. Thomas Aquinas (Maggie Bernard / Amanda Gress) 2-1 Quarterfinals: 11 La Salle College BT def. 19 Blue Valley (Tyler Kalmus / Johnathan Davis) 3-0 Full policy results are here.
  11. flint hills policy Bonnet/Scherich, Emporia Badgley/Landis, Washburn Rural Hamilton/Jones, Topeka High
  12. dhanson


    ^^^future mlb manager.
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