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  1. kritiks and lay judges don't seem to mix very well i know from last weekend
  2. I'd like some advice on some local camps around here that are decent but aren't over $200-250 to attend, anybody know of one or somewhere i can look this stuff up by myself?
  3. but who like's talking about topicality all round? i feel sorry for all the people who do
  4. yea it's to the keep peace in space by not using space weapons aff
  5. I always try to cover everything or as much as possible (if you've been spread though you may be out of luck.) this means sometimes you might have to speak faster than normal and but still clear.(practice talking w/ pen in mouth or some such thing to improve clearity(sp)). Also refer to case to refute most arguments, try and refer to case as much as possible, at least this is what i do for my 1AR.
  6. UFO DA Uniq. Really are aliens Link. US need space weapons for security Impacts: UFO in India killed 7 people Killer UFO w/ nukes heading towards earth
  7. If we shouldn't take advice from anyone on cross-x then why should we accept you adivce to not take anyone's advice? just a thought
  8. shun speed, yell as loud as possible, pretend you care.
  9. Even if you could possibly perm a da(which i don't think is possible, I wouldn't ever try it) why would you want to when you can whip out like 3 link turns/non-uniq in the time it would to take explaining how you are perming the da, let alone the time you would have to use to defend it. I say just try it and see what happens.
  10. meh I dunno how much of a throwdown it will be but it should be at least be pretty good. I still dont know who i'm taking as a partner though.
  11. are you saying only hillbillies hunt? because you are wrong so many other people hunt but hey go ahead sterotype all you want its not are fault you can't hunt though so don't go calling everyone who does a hillbilly.
  12. I think the dual wielding is easy (just got the game yesterday) too bad you cant dual the energy swords that would be sweet
  13. i stand corrected, sorry about that
  14. i was going to but the only place i knew where i could was an hour away and i wouldnt of had time to pick it up
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