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  1. this case is actually free from topicality...i.c is one of the 16 current pkos, but other than that its a horrible case.... 1. yea u might want to make sure your case is inherent...there are always cards that say there's a conflict where none exists. 2. i'm not a k genius...but it looks like this case would link to any k, any obtaining and enforcing peace plan usually does, but since your plan is so specfic to sending troops to get a cease fire the plan text is just going to link you harder to the k 3. Seems easy to cp, unless you can find specfic cards that say only the us has the military capiblity to stop the conflict...or something like that, even with that you'll probably hit with a pic...never hurts to have an awesome pic bad block. so....if u love k debates this case is case was meant for you
  2. Resolved: That the USFG should establish a foreign policy substancially increase its support of un peacekeeping operations allright here is why sweet 16 is the most legit. t this year 1. ITS suggests that the "established foreign policy" should DIRECTLY support PKO...meaning 1325 and such although "support" is INDIRECT so its not topical or FXT (which is bad, blah blah blah) 2. and don't make a retarded argument like all plans are fxt...cause they're not, you can directly increase support of a UN PKO by giving money, just because it deals with the un doesn't mean that you randomly select a plan text. 3. if you establish a new pko, that is not going to help the un pko in the status quo, meaning you hurt them...i think everyone agrees with that. 4. one of the sixteen is ideal because it allows for the best debate(you can do the limits crap) but if you can win that the us had to directly increase support for un pko you would debate that giving support to all would just overlimit debate because, since rrf and gender are not topic, there's basically one case(increase support for all pko(support can be different)), so you allow for the perfect number of cases, more than one less than not topical(i know its not a number). all the other t violations this year are stupid...so yea if you pity the ones who run this t violation i pity you for the t violation you run
  3. what do i run against a case that asks to support the incorporation of gendermainstreaming into pko's?
  4. I am trying to compile a new world order shell, if possibe a file. But I am having trouble finding the cards CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!
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