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  1. Congrats to all the Nebraska teams at KCKCC for a good showing it outs. The teams I judged all looked good. It's good to know there's still a strong policy force in Nebraska.
  2. Yeah, like Foucault was a pragmatist. He never advocated sovereignty = biopower, that was a person named Agamben.
  3. happy holidays... i hope this makes everyone think i'm cool
  4. I can't believe these words haven't been uttered on this thread yet: effectually topical?
  5. Kansas City is even better.
  6. johnnyb


    God damn right Chris.
  7. What tournaments are known to usually happen in (or are happening in) February?
  8. I agree, but I don't think HRC should have any part in his run for the presidency; it would indeed make it harder to win a bunch of red states, and I think she'd be way too power hungry. There are also a lot of other problems I have with her, like the fact that she took almost a million bucks from HMO's to shut up about her idea for a universal health care program in the 90's. That aside, I think it would be a good move for him to choose a different women as his VP, maybe someone like Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas (she was speculated awhile ago as a potential running mate). That would probably win him all the votes of the pissed women who were die hard HRC supporters, and it might help him win over more red states--she's a democrat who was elected governor in a pretty red state. Edit: Speaking of.. http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/06/original_message_from_xxxxxx_t.php
  9. In response to the only stimulating post in awhile, Dylan, that actually does make sense. I don't know that this election will be as close as the last two somehow have been, but should it happen, it makes sense that it could happen in a setting where Omaha is the tie-breaker. There was a shit load of people at his rally, and from the looks of it, people seem to like him in Omaha, but I wouldn't know that for sure. It was an interesting article at the very least, even if it wasn't credible and suggested to you by a crazy person.
  10. johnnyb

    UMKC Debate Camp

    I love me some gun freedoms. They allow me to keep my stockpile of weapons in the backwoods of nebraska. As far as UMKC vs. KU goes, KU is a bigger camp I believe, depending on how long you're there for, but having been to both, I'd say the quality of instruction is about equivalent. Other things you should consider are pricing (UMKC tends to be cheaper), food (KU takes that cake), housing, dates, etc, but that shits all up to you.
  11. culp's a badass. i don't know if i could help, andy, but im at least somewhat familiar with NE politics and im back in kearney for the summer.
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