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  1. Minus the fact its from W&P, anyone got a blocks for it?
  2. haha, some are cool with it, some arent. Just like in most places. K's are getting more popular (thank god) Just dont be a dumbass, I guess
  3. Good, I like the different style of debate. Should be fun.
  4. loofus

    silver bowl

    Oh please you will make me blush. But what does the comp look like in P-fo and how can we K in it
  5. What school, I'll talk to Mr. Walker.
  6. Mine would be 8 MINUTES OF CAPITAL LETTERS.
  7. Religious discussion is bad, says the atheist.
  8. Is jeffery cutting LSA natives... hmmm Good luck w/ shelly as your partner PS If you run it, we will run a K of Shelly.
  9. Dex, Aim for his head... because you are a real OG
  10. Haha, this time it will be actually good debates. That was our warm up tourny
  11. Henery Sibly? Trying to convince my coach to let us go to H-S, Besides I have to educate those minnesota debaters on Gap Inh.
  12. I would agree, but its the best way to put it.
  13. loofus

    Confirmation DA

    I know. If you come out with an update, and the orginal file. I would buy it for 4
  14. loofus

    Confirmation DA

    But nothing says that, all it say is that he is A. Not Rumey B. More pragmatic, I guess you could make the link of pragmatism key to WoT. Sorry Im poking at the DA, I usually dont buy Cross-X files, and Im thinking about buying this one so I dont want to get screwed.
  15. loofus

    Confirmation DA

    This is a good idea, but what's the internal link to Gates and Iraq/Terrorism. PS. Its funny, I get off Cross-x for 1 hr to read the news about gates, and get back on to see a file is already up.
  16. So about Kritiks and stuff...
  17. Does anyone have any lit or handbooks on workability? Im trying to create a block but I need some Lit to start. Thanks
  18. Very True- As to the le mars teams, you know they were cool, zack, we did try to help them debate in South Dakota... Oh well
  19. SFL lost one of the teams. I think Cody Alexander Moved to lexington MA.
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