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  1. crazyaboutbroccoli

    Flying or Driving?

    we're flying, it's the entirety of the RRISD people though, so that's like 31 debaters on a plane, i forget which airline though
  2. crazyaboutbroccoli


    try reading Baudrillard....wait...don't, Westlake might harass you at tournaments.....and by harass I mean yell at you from across the cafeteria and tell you to throw away the lies, and wait....we love ben too, ben is the funnest guy ever.
  3. crazyaboutbroccoli


    aww...allen is the coolest....
  4. crazyaboutbroccoli


    it's not that i don't like WW.....I just like McNeil better and I'm sure lotsa people love WW
  5. crazyaboutbroccoli


    John counts times five, and McNeil is awesome, by far my favorite people locally, and liz has the best strat ever!( heh, liz)
  6. crazyaboutbroccoli


    nick burr is graduating.....but how do you know i wasnt talking about nick carniero? yeah.....yeah.....heh, no I was trying to think of one of our super good debaters (well, i couldn't type out ALL of our names) and Nick was the first to come to mind. But ok, here, we have John
  7. crazyaboutbroccoli


    ok, bankey....don't be mean....(i feel like we're in round all over again ) and...you're right, we don't need sohin....we have Nick, and next year we'll have....well....we'll have...uh...people...no wait, we'll have russell's brother!
  8. crazyaboutbroccoli


    Bankey, who else has liz scared away? and yeah....mcneil....liz and sohin....together....and....stuff....merl, im sorry.
  9. crazyaboutbroccoli

    Westlake Beanie Classic, ATX, Feb. 11th-12th

    it was a good tournament, i give it multiple thumbs up, good judging, really helpful (and cool) people, easy navigation, good concession stand, and really really cool beanies. John and Katie got them. Damn, I'm gonna win that thing next year just for the beanie.
  10. crazyaboutbroccoli

    Westlake Beanie Classic, ATX, Feb. 11th-12th

    Round Rock's going. I'm not sure how many teams we're bringing, but at least 5 I think.
  11. crazyaboutbroccoli


    ok from finals: MS westlake vs. HM round rock (concession by round rock coz we wanted to go home and all we needed was 2nd to qual) semis: MS westlake vs. HS round rock (again, concession by round rock coz we wanted to go home) HM Round Rock vs. Round Rock (i can't remember who we would have hit, i never actually found out, we were busy prepping) quarters: MS westlake vs. LM round rock (all i can say is...Russell had fun and it was a 2-1 decision) HM Round Rock vs. Round Rock (again, don't know who would have hit who) Round Rock vs. Round Rock Round Rock vs. Round Rock fun tournament though, granted i had to hit duncan and nick 4th round, and was destroyed, but it was alot of fun.
  12. crazyaboutbroccoli

    Stoney Point TFA

    RR is going, not sure how many teams or who's going with who though
  13. crazyaboutbroccoli

    I need some help with IARs

    and i stole your T flow and you were asking for it back like you would need it but i was like *in head*"haha we're going for the k...he he he"
  14. crazyaboutbroccoli

    I need some help with IARs

    wow...i hate it when this happens....you know who i am but im lost as to who you are.....obviously i hit you though....hmm, it must have been at regan with Nick. but i still can't place you seeing how we kinda went pretty far that tournament (and it was all nick lol)
  15. crazyaboutbroccoli

    I need some help with IARs

    this is really good advice, but not always true, i mean because one tourney I wasn't with my reg. partner, and our big neg strat was narrowing it down to two off (the T and K) in the block and the entire first rebuttal was spent on T when we both knew that we were actually going for the K in the end. so I'd say yeah, but also actually observe the other team and see if they give any hints as to their strat