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  1. Bresach to the D

    NBA Playoffs

    Those Lakers are still sitting pretty nice despite the injuries.
  2. I really hope that the name being screwed up again in your posts was by choice
  3. A whole CCR comp. and they are damn amazing
  4. I recently died my hair for the first time.....blonde I went to an "Invention Convention" today for fith graders and i swear that they are way more talanted than i ever will be When i get upset and cant sleep i put my hand on my hip and that usualy works, if not i get a ciline Dione record and my heart does go on I hate absolutley hate jap. animation I never owned a pair of the shoes that lit up when you stepped and think that it has caused me years of damage I am still very chapped at whoever is responsible for deleting the original conclusion thread.....angry fist
  5. So, i know that this is almost a year old, but still made me have a nice little chuckel when i read it, good shit.
  6. Nfl: Dallas Colts Raiders MLB: There is only one team to hate here and thats Boston NBA: Spurs Kings Anything having to deal with Lebron james NCAA: Lsu Oklahoma Texas Ohio state
  7. I agree with Ian, it is a weak position, however i will be more interested in seeing if he really follows through with votes in policy making. Or if he really is just more middle of the road so to say. I think that whatever the result is, it will be diffrent then he was 8 years ago, and in no way does that make him a hypocrite.
  8. I conclude i liked it alot better when sandy was a mod...just dont tell loschen i think that he will still kill me if he heard me say that
  9. I conclude that another one of my posts have been delted, by who you ask? I conclude it was a mod, maybe you know him I conclude that a d-bag is doing it, I conclude go ahead and take this one too, my words are my own and you cant take them
  10. where you part of the last one? just a question
  11. blah blah blah..... I dont think that the broncos made out that badly except with the fiering of shannahan, fucking idiots, and cutler was a decent qb fuck them..
  12. Id like to see more work on inharency, it is a stock issue, you know?
  13. Agreed, i like stafford, ima huge G.A. fan, but damn, 41 million for sure salary, when you havent even seen him play in the nfl, its a little crazy, how the fuck do they afford this shit?
  14. I didnt even vote for myself so i dont belive that i will be in the running..
  15. Ehhh maybe just send you a pic, i am still knew to the whole putting pics on the profile thing
  16. Alright ya ass, sorry i dont check this damn thing every day....
  17. First off, no need to vote for me, like i had said i was running because there was no others running well other than the east guy. Anyways, i fully endorse you, and i did get that tattoo we were talking about, so me = bad ass i guess.
  18. Critical affs, i myslef think that there is at least one majior critical aff that could be ran on this res.
  19. like you would soooooooooooo totaly like have my vote, word.
  20. So, although i dont agree with having two highschooler mods, i dont necessarly think of myslef as the best person to mod. I know that i have been involved with debate through many aspects, but i myself am a little hot headed and like to cuss, alot. So, i think when you make your choice to vote for whoever you do vote for, vote someone who you know just because you know them, but rather, because you think that they will do this fourm some good, and will stay in touch and interested throughout the whole time they are mods. And to the Lady "k" you smell funny
  21. How bout a call, what do you say thursday night at 6 09 pm any later and i through with it
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