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  1. Bresach to the D

    NBA Playoffs

    Those Lakers are still sitting pretty nice despite the injuries.
  2. I really hope that the name being screwed up again in your posts was by choice
  3. A whole CCR comp. and they are damn amazing
  4. I recently died my hair for the first time.....blonde I went to an "Invention Convention" today for fith graders and i swear that they are way more talanted than i ever will be When i get upset and cant sleep i put my hand on my hip and that usualy works, if not i get a ciline Dione record and my heart does go on I hate absolutley hate jap. animation I never owned a pair of the shoes that lit up when you stepped and think that it has caused me years of damage I am still very chapped at whoever is responsible for deleting the original conclusion thread.....angry fist
  5. So, i know that this is almost a year old, but still made me have a nice little chuckel when i read it, good shit.
  6. Nfl: Dallas Colts Raiders MLB: There is only one team to hate here and thats Boston NBA: Spurs Kings Anything having to deal with Lebron james NCAA: Lsu Oklahoma Texas Ohio state
  7. I agree with Ian, it is a weak position, however i will be more interested in seeing if he really follows through with votes in policy making. Or if he really is just more middle of the road so to say. I think that whatever the result is, it will be diffrent then he was 8 years ago, and in no way does that make him a hypocrite.
  8. I conclude i liked it alot better when sandy was a mod...just dont tell loschen i think that he will still kill me if he heard me say that
  9. I conclude that another one of my posts have been delted, by who you ask? I conclude it was a mod, maybe you know him I conclude that a d-bag is doing it, I conclude go ahead and take this one too, my words are my own and you cant take them
  10. where you part of the last one? just a question
  11. blah blah blah..... I dont think that the broncos made out that badly except with the fiering of shannahan, fucking idiots, and cutler was a decent qb fuck them..
  12. Id like to see more work on inharency, it is a stock issue, you know?
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