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  1. lgreb06


    The only reason i got out what i put in was because i had an amazing debate partner. I think it was the people who went that made the experience rather than the lab leaders. I think that the lab leaders focused more on cutting files than actual strategy and I wish it had been the opposite.
  2. lgreb06


    Michigan 7 week was pretty good, but I think you might get more out of UT or even DDI
  3. lgreb06


    hah, yes I have to say debating you (Lauren and Chris) was definitely fun. The headstand kind of hurt though...
  4. lgreb06


    wow, those are some pretty unsupported generalizations, i love stereotypes
  5. I just got all of my college apps in =)
  6. lgreb06


    I should say the same to you!
  7. lgreb06


    wow, i wasnt aware that the way to REALLY make someone look like an idiot is to mock their grammar online...awesome ill try to do it more often
  8. lgreb06


    why are people so anal about grammar? its just a forum, people are way too uptight sometimes
  9. lgreb06


    Is anyone from the mid atlantic going besides loyola and tj?
  10. No, the Supreme Court NEVER overturns itself you know...
  11. lgreb06

    UVA Debate?

    is it possible to attend one school and debate for another? (just thinking)
  12. lgreb06

    UVA Debate?

    I'm thinking about applying to UVA, but I'm not sure if they have a policy debate team. Does anyone know if they do?
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