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  1. Matthew Senghas Burlington High School 2007 Emory 2011
  2. I'm not exactly sure how those con con cards are at all responsive to refs.
  3. What is your answer to pole shifting and neutron core explosion
  4. they would not make that we meet
  5. dude those PICs aren't competitive
  6. And your warrant is a joke that isn't funny. Flawless victory.
  7. Buy this--John C is one of, if not the most qualified high school debater to be selling a Nietzsche file.
  8. It's fine now. Apparently there's going to be a lot of sleet or something tonight in Peekskill though.
  9. No counterplans are competitive against our aff. None.
  10. Don't worry, you can show those teams who's boss at the TOC. Oh nevermind, you need to have bids to go to the TOC. I guess that counts you out.
  11. senghasmic


    I feel like asking the Philedelphia Chief of Engineers of the ACE to explain the beach restoration mission of the Army Corps in Delaware Bay and such is probably legitimate. I see no evidence of ridiculously leading questions and I doubt the Chief Engineer of part of the Army Corps would advocate anything other than the plan.
  12. It's just 8 minutes of conditionality bad
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