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  1. FREN


    Edgemont NW debated Westminster WS in Octos, and Burlington HW lost in doubles. Do you mean the Westminster WS/Edgemont NW round?
  2. You'll still get the internet. I'm so wired.
  3. FREN


    Yes, Lex had to go home, so the amazing hybrid team of Stanislav and Kelsey did not crush Edgemont in finals. .V. Now, let's not get cocky, Ian Hemley's my boy.
  4. FREN

    Big Lex

    Yeah Shanks, counting on luck to win debate rounds doesn't get you very far.
  5. FREN

    Big Lex

    Nooo ... Shanks ... Noooooooooooooo
  6. Usman? I have yet to see him debate
  7. Because it'll be awesomer. Everyone come, I'll be there and it'll be a blast
  8. Lexington CL advances over Lexington MM
  9. Does this evidence have to do with a specific Affirmative, or is this generic "Loss of Leadership = Nuclear War, Khalilzad?"
  10. Yeah, I went to both DDW and DDI over the summer. The DDW program is just like DDI (same food, same library, same staff, even). You just don't have given "labs," and you really get to bond well with the whole camp because you're always working together. There are "assignment waves" where you get to pick and choose what assignment you want to work on. DDW is around 3 weeks long, and DDI is around 4 weeks long. It really depends on how much time you're willing to put into debate during the summer ... I'd recommend DDW for rising sophomores and juniors, and DDI for rising juniors and seniors.
  11. Go to DDI. The extra 2 hours and farther-away-from-home is well worth it.
  12. Lexington is sending a whole lotta teams ... Ren/A. Ramamurti Elavia/G. Ramamurti Izbicki/Kase Hu/Teng Maeck/Su Sears/Mizerak Martinez/Zendeh Lempesis/Sterman Mei/Cue Sanyal/Kim
  13. I felt DDI (and even DDW, I went to both) was a great camp. The staff is very knowledgable, friendly, and awesome, and I learned the most I did this summer at DDI than any other institute or class I've previously attended. It's not like other camps I've been to which overemphasize research skills over debate skills, or debate skills over research skills; instead, there's a healthy mix between the two. It's even better that you get to choose your own electives in addition to having designated labs (for instance, there might be several electives going on at the same time time. You have a choice between "How to debate the K," "Winning the K on the Perm," "2AR Theory," "How to win on T," or "Magic to debating the Politics DA"). The last awesome thing is that the food is great ...
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