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  1. The Blacksburg JV team was Esha Kapania and Min Chung. They were aff against Kempsville in finals and lost on a 2-1 decision. Esha was 1st speaker, and I think Min won a speaker award too. Good tournament, from what I heard, hope to see everyone at GMU.
  2. Blacksburg would definitely consider attending a 2 day, 6 round prelim invitational breaking to quarters/semis, similar to JMU and GMU. Preferably, the tournament would start Friday afternoon with 3-4 rounds, then 2-3 prelims Saturday with break rounds on Saturday as well.
  3. I think our BBurg novices will be going to Liberty.
  4. Richmond Diocese: Blacksburg Kapania/Panciera Blacksburg Gallagher/Snyder-Beattie Maggie Lee Walker Sircar/Clapp and two other Maggie Lee Walker teams.
  5. teenydude8


    Yeah, Olin is a pretty sweet deal. For those of you who do not know anything about the school, the Olin College of Engineering was founded five years ago by a very generous grant from the Olin Foundation. Because of this grant, every student is given a $130,000 full tuition scholarship. The school's goal is to foster a very small (only 300 students total) , intimate learning environment that focuses not just on engineering, but also on entrepreneurship and the humanities in order to create what they call "renaissance engineers." The school is located in Needham, Massachusetts's, about 20 minutes outside of Boston. I really encourage any juniors interested in engineering to apply next year, especially debaters because I think debate really fits in with their desire to teach engineers with a passion for the humanities. Mr Hyland: I'm not sure what type of engineering I'll do yet, but I'm considering mechanical engineering. My dad teaches aerospace engineering at tech, and he said that with an ME degree I could easily switch to aerospace in grad school if I wanted.
  6. teenydude8


    Yeah, seriously, MIT is very impressive. So far, the only firm commitments we have at Blacksburg High School are Nitin Kapania: Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering Andrew Snyder-Beattie: Mary Washington College
  7. Richmond does indeed have a (somewhat) functioning debate circuit. The core of Richmond Debate comes in the form of the Richmond CFL Diocese, which hosts a 3-round, non power-paired tournament every month culminating in qualifiers for CFL Nationals. Schools that have competed in the past are Blacksburg, Clover Hill, Maggie Lee Walker, Mills Godwin, Turner Ashby, and recently, York High School. However, many programs in Richmond come and go and fluctuate rapidly. This year, the main three schools were Clover Hill, Blacksburg, and Maggie Lee Walker. None of these are national circuit teams, and the one that does travel the furthest, Blacksburg, only goes to Wake Forest, NCFL's, and occasionally NFL's and is located in Southwest Virginia. If you are in the Richmond area, however, you do have many opportunities to compete. Since CFL's are right in your neighborhood, you could attend a few to qualify to NCFL's, and you could also compete at invitationals in DC, which I believe is about two hours away, and some Virginia Beach invitationals as well. Richmond is actually at the heart of Virginia and fairly close to most tournaments, the only problem has been finding programs willing to travel. If you have any questions, just backchannel me.
  8. Blacksburg will be attending ... I think. Although we're not thrilled about the tournament being Saturday-Sunday-Monday starting at 8:30 AM Saturday.
  9. Of course I am... what do you think we blacksburg debaters do... cut cards?
  10. It is. It is really weird talking to someone else in my family about the merits of dispositional counterplans over dinner, or being woken up at 12 am by my sister screaming about losing her 1AC the night before a tournament.
  11. assuming blacksburg has a program next year after the retiring of our long time coach Karen Coston, we should have some really good young jv/early varsity teams. My sister is very talented and only a freshman (as a novice, she had more speaks than all novice and jv debaters at GMU). We have two returning teams entering their sophomore/junior year, both who have done very well this season, so I'm hopeful Blacksburg will be around in the future.
  12. we rolled with the deutch evidence when i was a sophomore. I believe I remember Santora's comments exactly. Santora: I know Dr. Deutch, he used to lecture here at George Mason. Me: Really? Were you good friends? Santora: He's an idiot.
  13. man that bowl game was depressing.
  14. what? Are you serious? I really wish the tournament director people would be more clear about things like this. Nitin
  15. Blacksburg Competes in the Richmond Diocese. There are a few pros and cons of debating CFL's Pros: -Potential to go to a really fun national tournament at the end of the year - 6 more potential tournaments, including NCFL's - more diverse competition (i can tell from this thread that Va Beach Debate is rather isolated) -Relatively close to Va Beach (most CFL's are in richmond) -5 Teams get to go to NCFL's. Cons: - Must pay fees to join the league -the league is very speech-oriented, debate is almost an afterthought. - Even with a 3 round, non power paired tournament, the tab room still manages to run behind schedule. Overall, if you want more local tournaments, I think CFL's are worth checking out.
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