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  1. You could also host public debates, surrounding a community issue or election. Have parents bake and give out desserts and flyers about the debate program.
  2. To further correct the TFA judging situation, even when you have a standby judge, your pref sheet is followed. That's why it takes so long to get standby ballots out, b/c we have to match the round in the computer with you and you opponents pref sheets. Don't blame judges for your losses, It's unbecoming... Stage out.
  3. partial trips is occuring now. I only know that jack c hays is affirming against james logan.
  4. We are trying to create a schedule that will allow cross-entries. It will be announced on the TFA website soon. Stage.
  5. Who knew they let the Bionic Woman out of the city limits?!?! luv u!! stage
  6. Registration is still open for RR. Hays registered today with 2 VCX teams (Miller/Shannon & Nate/novice) and 2 NCX teams as well as LD'ers and Congress folk. See ya'll there! stage
  7. haysdebatecoach


    Andrea Cohen - Katie Ray A&M Consolidated High School Eli Bacon - Nick Liedtke Austin SFA High School Ashley Apple - Aouicha Zorgati Caddo Magnet High School Stormee Massey - Lauren Fuhr Flower Mound High School Chris Decker - Joshua Yun Flower Mound High School Jehan Tillekeratne - Tyson Adams Harker Heights High School Maggie Solice - Lindsey Butler Hendrickson High School Sheyda Aboii - Meghan Overheim Hendrickson High School Ashley Adamo - Alexandra Pell Lake Travis High School Catherine Conrad - Alexa Gould Lake Travis High School Jacob Nelson - Carvey Leung Lake Travis High School Julie Kubelka - Michael Alexander Kats-Rubin Lyndon B. Johnson High School Emily Wang - Clara Yoon Lyndon B. Johnson High School Marc Flores - PJ Martinez Mercedes High School Frank Garza - Leo Vela Mercedes High School Bill Han - Torin Tamayo Reagan HS Abigail Fox - Genevieve Chavez Reagan HS Ridwan Hoq - Blake Henson Round Rock High School Neal Singer - Miguel Patino W. B. Travis High School Emily Furnish - Sankar Sundaresan Westlake High School David Mullins - John Baker Westlake High School Ian Seyer - Jauzey Imam Westlake High School Jessie Wang - Eric Cervini Westwood High School Nishu Mehta - Gautham Updahya Westwood High School Balam Budwal - Varun Vorunganti Westwood High School Alexis Kostun - Austin Louden Westwood High School Nikhil Kumar - Kapil Raghuraman Westwood High School Brian Kersch - Jeffrey Xu Westwood High School Daniel Li - Sriya Srivangipuram Westwood High School Abe Raina - Jackie Chen Westwood High School Mario Villaplana - Avi Munoz Winston Churchill HS Kelly Cunningham - Chris Solis Winston Churchill HS Daniel Name - Cristina Alvarado Winston Churchill HS
  8. haysdebatecoach


    Sir Pent! Sir Cumsize!! How I have missed thee!!! But seriously, come to Hays - it ROCKS!!!! If you want to judge, email me at stagee@hayscisd.net Stage Out.
  9. Memorial has been rescheduled by TFA for February 20-21, 2009.
  10. Ahhh yes, UIL critix... Let me be the first (maybe the 2nd behind my esteemed colleague Mr. Murrell) to praise UIL for all it does for high school kids in Texas. I went to college on a full UIL scholarship after going to CX State twice and getting DQ'ed from UIL Regionals in Poetry. I also interned at UIL for 3 years while at UT. I happily run and judge UIL tournaments all over the state in the spring. I am a friend of UIL's and UIL is a friend of mine. If you are a UIL critic and let us know that prior to the round that you would prefer us to go slow and not run the K, we will be happy to oblige you. However, if you do not let us know your paradigm, then we are going to go fast, we are not going to wear shoes because we are dirty hippies, and we are going to go for the K. As anyone who saw the final round this weekend can tell you, we are capable of going slow, being persuasive, and talking about the stock issues. We won on a 3-0 with 2 UIL Critics and an LD judge - one of the finest panels since last year's Akins debacle (no offense Cody...) It's just not our preference. We're usually too busy breaking the Sunday rule, thank you very much. And for my dear friend Matthew: REBEL PRIDE NEVER DIES!!!!!!!!!! Stage Out.
  11. semis is McNeil vs. Hays and 2 Westwood teams.
  12. Atalnta is a 3A high school in terms of UIL classification, so probably some UIL tournament travel, but not much else. It is rare to find a small school that does extensive travel for TFA, NFL and the TOC. There are of course exceptions (my high school was 3A and my mom was my coach, so we traveled with TFA and NFL). Don't know much else, sorry!! Stage
  13. Yes - all 6-2's were in partial trips / doubles. Jack C. Hays over Bellermine on a 2-1. Don't know who sat, sorry! CONGRATS TO MY REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Costco, Nat & Nate!! Stage sleepy...Stage out.
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