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  1. I would be willing to judge debate and public speaking events (oration, info, extemp) for forensics. Danielle Miller 4 yrs of debate and forensics in high school at Great Bend Currently Freshman at KU milld12@ku.edu
  2. The problem that I see in trying to defend a severence perm outside of that perm what other option does the aff have to defeat the perm outside of something like pics bad. The other problem is if there is problem in the plan text the aff should have discovered this before the round. You had how many hours to write the plan and you chose not to look into those things. You can win severence good at the point in which you prove that no ground or abuse has taken place. I would normally go for a severence perm when the neg is running an illegit cp.
  3. What is a good strat against Senior Corps and Boomer Corps?
  4. I am looking for case specific DA scenarios for the Peace Corps. Does anyone have any suggestions and authors for the DA?
  5. What is the best strat for the case debate? What authors are there on these case areas? What good disad are there for boomer corp?
  6. When we left 5 teams from McPherson had broke to quaters. What were the final results?
  7. Okay, so I am senior and know how to flow. My only problem is teaching novices and second years why it is important to flow. If anyone could give me any advice as to how to teach them to flow and why it is important I would greatly appreciate it. I know how to flow but I am not really sure how to explain it and it's importance to them.
  8. flacid was in my lab that kid totally deserved what he got. he was the most annoying person ever
  9. I was just wondering if anyone has gone to this and if you have where did go? Did you like? would you go back? if you can tell me anything that you know that would be great.
  10. by us not knowing what our rights r it just makes it easier for the government to take them away.
  11. i would say that diplomatic pressure will not solve anything. If force is not used then the killings will continue.
  12. the agreement was for the north-south conflict not for darfur. you will have to be carefull bc the un somewhere i read is sending people to sudan. you could run the case so that the north-south pko can be expanded to darfur. i don't know if this will help.
  13. you could give him a cross or watch. something that he would wear or use everyday that would remind him of you.
  14. I think we need to address this considering high school students don't know what their 1st amendment right is or what is protects? I guess this will make this a timely topic. http://www.wpherald.com/storyview.php?StoryID=20050201-104656-6766r
  15. On June 21, 04 they passed a pko for Sudan(something like that). If you seed in military support, you can use sending in miliary during a conflict as a pko. You can also say that just because it is not implamented doesn't mean that is not a pko. You do not have to create so you are topical being that the un has passed a pko for it. maybe this will help. i ran this case for a while this year.
  16. Great Bend just entered this tournament today. OO had 11, duet 8, all the numbers were really small.
  17. We do not always realize that what we watch on tv is just a propaganda machine. All we ever see is what they want us to see.
  18. who was on the blue valley teams that qualified to state?
  19. What is the date of this article?
  20. I would run a cp using SHIRBERG. There is some really good evidence on them being available to the un and that they are rrf.
  21. What was their plan text like? What did they have the US do?
  22. I'm supposted to write a case neg against this what are their h and inh?
  23. How is this case being run? Where are people getting their ev. from for this case? What is the mandate?
  24. What schools will be there?
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