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  1. McPhiflow

    College Judging

    Julia Groeblacher 4 years in varisty/champ at McPherson Soph at KU I'm usually judging for STA, but am willing to travel on weekends when they don't need me I'll judge anything but novice (I don't play well with children....)
  2. McPhiflow


    Anyone following closely enough to have updates?
  3. McPhiflow


    So now that we've strayed far beyond the first post on the thread, who is actually attending Westside this weekend?
  4. Sounds like it's time for people to branch out and cut Indian government approval scenarios instead of remaining US specific...IF they want to keep running this story at all.
  5. *Sigh* It's true... I'm controlled by the Capitalist Catholics.
  6. I've joined THE STRUGGLE and will now be voting accordingly. Also, I can use lowercase letters, Alex. Let's not begin a heritage debate.
  7. McPhiflow

    College Judging

    I'm working for STA, but any free weekend that you might need a judge, look me up. Debated for McPherson (4 years) Freshman at KU (probably debating soon, but not this semester) Preferably Champ/Varsity juliag(at)ku(dot)edu
  8. I can judge all day Saturday and would love to be in out-rounds, if you'll have me.
  9. I believe there's an Alex Oyler, Julia Groeblacher, Mark Skoglund carpool happening. If anyone else at KU is heading down to judge, let us know.
  10. Check the homepage of NFL Online. Full placements past the top 14 aren't there yet, but the round results are up. Congrats to all of Kansas making it into the thick of the tournament, you impressed us all. Also, I already choose Jesi and Alex for my fantasy team for next year; I predit a top 4 finish.
  11. If by "swears" you mean "hopes, prays, and works her butt off to maybe have a shot" then you're right. But yes, right now I'm more concerned about Torrey's health than how far we go. But thank you, Mr. Dubois, for the compliments. Hopefully we won't prove you too far wrong and utterly flop in prelims.
  12. McPhiflow


    Eh, 4 years of cutting cards for high school and college debate... You try to get away, and you just get sucked right back in.
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