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  1. wow, i come back to check nfl results, in the midst of studying for finals, after a long hiatus, and i see this...haha good to see things are same old, same old in cross-x land good day.
  2. Have a happy day of giving thanks...and let it spill into the coming days
  3. Informalizing policy debate destroys the fundamental concept of the event. Policy Debate is firstly a speech event and as such rhetorical skills should be a primary factor within every RFD. Furthermore, consider the real world. Attempt to imagine a presedential candidate giving a stump speech in jeans or an informal presidential debate; it simply is not reality. Introduce whatever radical or 'crazy' arguements you wish to propose into policy debate, but do not eliminate the very foundation of this event.
  4. Having advanced experienced judges (whether they be "college champ" or simply experienced) for any division, inclusive of novice, is beneficial. Anytime debaters have an experienced judge, they will benefit. "College Judges" should not be limited to judging "Champ", for without such judges judging 'lesser' divisions exposure and the want to learn such 'advanced' debate is limited. Judges who wish to judge only a certain division need to realize that a judge is there not for his or her own personal benefit (though many-a-times judges do gain much knowledge through a debate round) but rather to assist in the intellectual development of the debaters. They are providing a service, and it should be taken up in the same spirit in which other volunteer service is done.
  5. yup. whatever happened to the friendly nature of community? create a bvn thread if you must, but let this get back to osouth. peace.
  6. Sorry, but OSOUTH already gots dibs on many of those judges, . come on down!
  7. In which case let it be a reply to "Mike_Degginger." The post was not an attack versus any individual, but rather a phrase. In this case, I do not believe irony 'solves'.
  8. Not saying I agree with one point of view or another, here, but rather showing my disdain for phrases such as this one. If you believe [insert something here about America] then change America, don't leave. Leaving America will get nothing done, and telling people to leave the United States of America becuase they hold a certain point of view (no matter how extreme it may seem to you) is asking for a diametrically opposed ideology to the foundation of the USA: the melting pot. The "love it or leave it" school of thought is absolutely unwarranted and, quite simply, close-minded.
  9. Excellent Representation of EK at Nats....Go Bucky!!!
  10. swaminarayan

    EKNFL Judges

    DI, HI, DX, FX, OO, etc... April 22nd, 23rd. If you are available to judge please contacts me asap: patelakshar AT gmail.com Thank you for your help.
  11. swaminarayan


    Which he did. Qualified to Nats last year (went to finals). Now he needs to place in the top 6 at state this year to be able to go to TOC.
  12. swaminarayan

    March Madness

    UMKC all the way!!!
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