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  1. Nebraska sucks. Ever the more reason to voice differing opinions and hope shit like this is changed
  2. Rachel, Ash and I can't go goddam it. Curtle if you start now you could get to omaha by saturday, its a little bit to walk.
  3. It's a good book, i'll loan you my copy if want to read something besides Ann Coulter
  4. I believe they own the Federal Zoo in Washington DC, but i'm not for sure if their are any more
  5. PM Ashley, she went to UTNIF last year and she says it helped her a bunch
  6. Eh debate dating is fine, my partner is dating my girlfriends partner, its a weird cycle of debate dating, and nobodys had problems.
  7. Nebraska North Kearney (Morgan/Tye) Milard North (Martin/Long) Nebraska South Westside (Comfort/Gardner) Westside (Clure/Weidman)
  8. We should have the usual 4 Bohl/John Tye/Morgan Beatty/Stevens Buss/Royer(Novice)
  9. We have 3 varisty policy, one good novice. Every year we have 4-5 novice teams, it varies. Overall we have 50+ if you include PFD, LD, and Congress
  10. XO 9066 was overridden by Ford in the 70', on the congress case say that congress has already apologized and given reperations, or hit on the fact that we were in war time, whereas the War on terror isn't a congressional mandated time of war, the last time we had one of those was WWII, so their is no risk of internment
  11. If he was scurvy he'd probably shower just as much as you do....never
  12. CaptainPlanet

    Who is gay

    Stamm must be coming on his own, Norfolk is already here
  13. CaptainPlanet

    Who is gay

    Liberacie? Elton John, etc
  14. WNDI put out a Indian Case that in some fashion bans the BIA
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