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  1. I normally use pencils. Good for putting up hair if you get hot in a round. I love the pencils. And it cannot be mechanical. Regular, "hey, is there a sharpener in here?" pencils. Wow. I am lame...
  2. Well, then I thank them. They were very sweet. Especially the one that was all- "I have seen you before. Did you judge me? Did you hit me? I have seen you before." Laugh real hard at that one. He was great.
  3. sadness. I think that this weekend was fun. Thanks again to the carrollton people. Just wanted to put that one out there.
  4. laugh out loud, that is hilarious!
  5. Loopy2005

    Being Happy

    Long story. I may tell you later, if you are lucky.
  6. I will really try to remember that if I ever hit you again. Laughing hard at that one.
  7. I think that I am excited about going. yay, it will be fun. This, I think, will be my last varsity debate tourney ever!
  8. Loopy2005

    Being Happy

    That cut me deep. That cut me real deep. Whatever. I make sense to those that truly understand "Bethspeak" ha ha. Kudos to 1984...which I read and was lucky enough not to drool on last night. smile!
  9. Loopy2005

    Being Happy

    sooo...you think that that is funny, do you? I do too.
  10. It is the better alternative to writing LoL...I dislike that, it seems so...not as cool. so there...
  11. That means that I guessed right! What the krap, that was fun. Let's play again!
  12. I was just curious, because, after all, this IS the just chatting carrollton thread, and I haven't seen any c-town people lately.
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