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  1. i don't think people give paul the credit he deserves nice job, i know a lot of people find it useful
  2. yeah yeah thanks Andy.. i just figured that i shouldn't upset anyone too much.. so i refrained from leaving it up there.
  3. congrats to akash n kabir for being the only MI team to clear doubles, and congrats to everyone else who cleared the tournament was great besides pretty much getting mugged, yeahhhh
  4. ill be judging there, and i believe Ashley Fisher is looking for a partner, anyone intrested should contact her AIM: phoebe160 or reply. she's varsity and a good debater...
  5. if anyone has an extra housing/hotel arrangement for a broke college judge..please let me know..
  6. if we love her we could start by spelling her name right.
  7. ridiculous. akash, your a crazy kid... we need to hang out. <3
  8. stellarlicious


    Speakers: 1. Sarah Gruisin - Groves 2. Akash Jaggi - Groves 3. Kelly Goodman - Groves 4. Paul Best - Groves 5. Alex Pasquinelli - Groves 6. Kabir Mendiratta - Groves 7. Katie - South Lyon 8. Milana - West Bloomfield 9. Alec Lee - Groves 10. ?? - West Bloomfield Quarters: 1. Groves GG (Sarah Gruisin & Kelly Goodman) def 8. ?? 2. Groves BJ (Paul Best & Akash Jaggi def 7. West Bloomfield GT 3. Groves MP (Kabir Mendiratta & Alex Pasquinelli) def 6. DCD ?? 5. South Lyon ?? def 4. Groves LK (Alec Lee & Sarah Kirsch) Semis 1. Groves GG (Sarah Gruisin & Kelly Goodman) def 5. South Lyon ?? 2. Groves BJ (Paul Best & Akash Jaggi) over 3. Groves MP (Kabir Mendiratta & Alex Pasquinelli) Finals Groves GG (Sarah Gruisin & Kelly Goodman) lock out Groves BJ (Paul Best & Akash Jaggi) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- whose attending Wayne State?
  9. hey, i currently work for Rochester Adams, but they don't really attend alot of tournaments, maybe 2...and probably not states, so I can definatly judge and for most tournaments ( the exception of Wayne and W. Bloom) I can cut cards and help coach, Lina you know how to get a hold of me... Ill email Joel.
  10. yeah im all done with school..and i know its late..but i can judge/help..just let me know
  11. agreed with cory on that, drugs often make you do things you wouldnt normally do, talk to people...you wouldn't normally talk to.. bad bad bad idea. And those 10 day vacations, cause others to become restless long distance phone bills are a bitch...
  12. ..perhaps ill stop by, since my other half is off doing.. whatever.. ill be lonely, and bored--appearance and maybe ill even find a partner (any takers) and participate?...
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