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  1. Hello, former Montana debater! We don't see many others on this site, do we? My name is Bria, I debate for Flathead.

  2. belcher is awesome at anything he does, whatever you are saying is probably not true- besides he is probably better than you at cutting cards- so why are you bitching about it? and spencer is right..
  3. ha ha what??? I didnt post that... I happened to look at this post because i got a rep from it--- i wonder why someone would post something like that under my name- it isnt even that exciting... i was trying to think if i could have posted it but i didnt... i dont use the word regrettably and stuff like "i say this..." and i dont use emoticons... and well i dont say any of that... anyway doesnt matter
  4. i dont know... i scored a 90 and i never post in this forum...
  5. shamoo? -- well it looks like i have no luck there...
  6. what's at the bottom? he looks pretty hot... except the picture is small...
  7. this is enticing... paul sounds pretty hot, but there are no pictures of him...
  8. and belcher is so hot so he shouldnt be fired or whatever you are talking about
  9. except i was being negative in that thread and therefore wyoming attacked.. - david is fairly innocent in saying his own state rocks though-
  10. that's because you live in fucking laurel- if i lived there i wouldnt want to live in montana either- but living in paradise valley... well the name speaks for itself... i love it. so who are you debating with this year david?
  11. this thread is getting annoying
  12. what do you mean? i dont know many AA debaters and those are a few i knew/know
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