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    idk...but it has the title of some cool critical book im sure

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  1. noah, would it be appropriate to say that he has been sheboyganed?
  2. Ill be at supersession w/ expierenced semminar Oliver Judd Bishop Guertin 1a/2n rising soph
  3. hmmm, now i think about...i may be...ya...it had to do with wallabies or sumthing right??? lol...i dun really remeber...but meybe
  4. Bishop Guertin BJ (Pierce Bailey & Oliver Judd)
  5. what happened novice level???i just know bishopguertin vs bronx sci was one semi round...someone fill me in...and who won???
  6. haha...hey--piere and i flow--lol
  7. dude...i like evan hes my friend---not going for ne1s throat...but i would like to settle one thing--i think that evan and anna are just as good as each other. "it tooks two to tango" "cant have one wihtout the other"
  8. hey, im a novice and went to UT last year---really great
  9. like u said evan--mellow out
  10. oh dude...i gotcha...ya...damn edgemont broke the code!!!
  11. which bg team---its not the nov team---aka me and pierce
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