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  1. there have been some profain posts made with my screen name by people whom i do not know. I mean i might make one in the future, i just need this one banned
  2. I was accepted but found out i was too good for you fuckers you should know, you gave it to me
  3. great in fact you can find my black ugly ass on campus (your campus that is) very soon
  4. eldiablo84_06


    is this a good time to mention your infatuation with anal penetration from other males...namely Sharon?
  6. I hear your sis is kickin ass though...o yea, and glad to hear that youre not dead (pending that you remember me at all).
  7. Sharon: remember that one time you had sex with jmo...i bet it was good lolerskates
  8. are we disclosing or what.....o well i'll be the first OP DJ- Korematsu (need advs...ask)
  9. make my own rules niggas call me the mayor....sorry....yea w/e
  10. Then what is it? A popularity contest? Is it which player puts more asses in the stands? If so the heisman is about shit and Reggie was given an award in regards to his flashy appeal to the fans. It would literally take no talent for any player to win, only to be on the team that got the most media coverage and be the flashiest individual on that team.
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