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  1. mikel


    tommy, much love to you and my partner (yeah, thats right, she's still my partner), but realistically, even if you are half of the teams there, I still can't see you guys doing better than third. I love you tommy.
  2. time skew - we, the neg, run a 30 second t shell that takes them a minute to answer, then we kick it, leaving the affirmative undercovered on an issue that, according to what the neg should be arguing, they can't win the round on. Most of the time this will include 1ar abuse where tthe aff has 5 minutes t answer 13 minutes straight of neg arguements. ways to beat it - tell the other team to get faster, speed good, etc. any time xskkew the neg could run is offset by the aff having "infinite" prep time anbd geetting the first and last speeches in the round. or if they have speech time left, a good answer is lways, "it doesn't matter if i unfairly took some of your time when you didn't need it." and then say that them greedily wanting theiur unused time is biopolitical or normativie and runsome crappy kritik on them in the block, to skew their time more, then when they cry abuse, thats just another link into the Kritik. (everrything after the quotes was a joke).
  3. mikel


    Oh by the way, cake, one of the greatest bands ever is playing april 7, so if anyone knows what time cx starts, or wants to organize a carpool to and from norman talk to me.
  4. modest mouse - a different city any rancid ac/dc - thunderstruck, dirty deeds done dirt cheap
  5. we need to keep someone whom I know as the mod.
  6. quit ripping on tommy. and after announcing this unpopular stance of liking tommy i seem to have, i will announce that I am running for mod. (jk)
  7. hit me up on aim, mikelsuxs
  8. I needwell warranted cards discussing how nuclear weapons effectively uphold sovergnty (sp)
  9. mikel


    i need a non jdi cyprus neg by thursday night. I'll trade heavy if you candd assure me its good. Updated preferred. Help me out. hit me up on AIM @ mikelsuxs
  10. I need a disarm aff from the WMD topic. hit me up on AIM to trade. thanks.
  11. congrats guys, see you next weekend.
  12. OK, but when we get home, I get anal lois." "Peter?!" "I mean it, I dont care how clean i want the house, you have to do it." and as for the whole yelling at tommy thing, regaurdless of whetehr he does it wel, it is his job to keep things that he thinks are offensive out of the forum. If you don't think he does this well, talk to kerp, dont vote for him next time, or have a serious, preivate converstion with him, bec ause I know tommy and there is no way you can change his mind by yelling at him. I think what he did was ok in his mind. I didn't see the actual deletion, but i think he thhinks hess doing whats best for out threads.
  13. congrats to sharma/mcneil BTw the eichs and anyone else I missed for advancing, ill be watching your finals rounds tommorrow
  14. I LD'ed at a tourny earlier this year whenever there was a moral obligation in the resolution and I learned something, we have a moral obligation to do nothing. all most all moral obligation cards have really bad warrants, their usually just like "people die in sudan, this is bad and a moral obligation." Most teams wont be able to tell you why you have a moral obligation beyonfd the fact that people are dieing, or what a morral obligaiton is. And if they ddo then just take that moral obligation and cross apply it to your DA's wherre many more people are dieing. If you want an author talking about moral obligations, Kant is a good one to use on the neg side. IN one of his categorical imperatives he talks about how moral obligations cant conflict with other moral obligaitons, s for example. Aff: you have a moral obligation to go into sudan neg: WHY Aff: people are dieing. Neg: So if we send people in dont some of our PKO's die? Aff : yes. Neg: reads kant card talking about how we dont have a moral obligation to do something that would get pko's killed.
  15. to repeat my teammates wishes, good luck to all. hope you get enough sleep to wake up at six to sit at TCC until five.
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