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  1. Odd how this is reminding me of last year... Hope everyone is doing well and having a good time.
  2. apathyworks

    Bishop Kelley

    I'll be judging. For the 3rd year in a row. But this time I will actually get to judge something of substance.
  3. You two are amazing. Great way to finish out high school David. Tiffany - nats was awesome. Awesome job you guys.
  4. apathyworks


    My laptop dies the second you unplug it....because it's old and sad...
  5. apathyworks


    The reasoning is that it is against the rules to curse, and the debators should know that. Bowser and Danner didn't think that it would have to necessary to reiterate the rules, especially at a state tournament, and especially if you have been there before. Also, some if it is common sense. If you haven't had a judge before and there is the potential that they can be a wild card, play it safe. From what I heard from people in round and what I've seen from debating them, it was an accident and I know that no offense was meant. But (at least with Bowser), cursing shouldn't be considered a norm, particularly in a speech event (and I promise you, it is VERY unlikely that he has sworn, at least not in the four years that I've him and since he has been a coach. He is very careful about his language because he does find it so offensive). It kills the respectability of the event, etc, etc. At least, I know that's where Bowser stands. As per the rules it says that you can either drop the team to zero speaks OR disqualify them; it was just bad timing that it happened that it happened in an out round when speaks no longer mattered. The reason that Bowser voted them up but still filed the protest was because as a judge, he didn't like the punishment should come from him, that is should be up to the committee to decide. He felt they legitimately won the round. He also says that Danner's decision to vote against them was "punishing them twice", and he wasn't going to do that. Like I said, committee decision. And again, I know it was accidental and these things happen (it's happened to Tommy and I plenty of times). Sorry to Katie and Nick; I know you two did deserve to advance.
  6. I will vote for you Cory. We minorites have to stick together. (I wonder when you will read this...as you are currently sitting directly across from me at the TU library working on debate stuff...) ||edit|| I have a question about rep...how much of it are you allowed to give out per day? And how much do you have to give out to different people before you can give it to someone you've already given it to? Because I was spreading rep earlier like a magic rep fairy...and it cut me off...and I was sad... I like giving people good rep. I would take that positively...my mom told me always to be a good host/ess.
  7. apathyworks

    OU Tournament

    Woah. I totally though I was following the thread until that ^ ---- ^ up there started happening. SexyBoy4ever, what's going on? I see that appearantly you dislike Tommy and I (although it looks possibly to just be Tommy, I have a feeling it's about the OU tournament so it's directed to both of us) but I don't think you ever posted why. Unless what we ran is the reason for it. In which case, as I have never spoken to you before, never met you or anything, I would like to know specifically what was done to offend you. To the people in general: I have a feeling that I am safe in assuming you all know that Tommy and I aren't racist. And I also feel that I am safe in assuming you all know that we don't act the way we do purposely to hurt people, to demean them, or to make them feel inferior. Did we know that there could be out-of-round implications because of what we did? Yes. Did we know the scale of these implications? Well, Tommy might have had a clue, but I didn't. We knew there was the potential people would be hurt, but we (from here on out 'we' refers to both of us, but mostly me) didn't think that it could broaden its scope to include people that weren't in the debate, or even at the tournament. There was no malice or ill-intent behind what we did. We understood that the project was special to the KCC/Lincoln Prep teams, but we also assumed that they would be able to understand where we were coming from in with what they were doing, even if they (obviously) didn't agree with it, in the same sense that we understood the project, but we didn't agree with the way that they were doing it (well, I think Tommy agrees, but I don't). Despite the anger and multitudes of insults and curse words that have gone into this thread, I have to say that I am happy with what has come out of it. Shocking actions get you extreme results, and Tommy and I have been able to get some of the answers we have been looking for this whole time.
  8. apathyworks

    OU Tournament

    The reason that I had no problem with running the argument is because due to what I have had to deal with, I know that there comes to a point that you can not change people. (Demographics certainly has something to do with it, which is why I can't wait to get the hell out of Oklahoma.) In the end, despite movements, projects, etc., you have to make the decision of whether or not you will allow racism to actively affect you. The reason that I have such a problem with what is being done is because when you capitalize on and continue to show the differences, that is what allows the fact that there is a difference to spread. I hate that I even have a race because it becomes such an unneccessary part of my life. I don't do the things I do, speak the way I speak, or think the way that I speak because of my race, or even really because of the way that I have been treated because of it. The reason that I was ok with Tommy is because even though we can all agree here that racism is bad, you have to be able to articulate why and give concrete reasons why it should be fought against. That's why I have a problem with somany of the so-called "feminsists" that I know; very few of them can tell me where the problem is, how it is affecting them, and why it is such a problem. Even if something can be perceived as intrinsicly bad (like racism), unless you can articulate why then there is no way of truly being able to coheritise (<---- I don't think that's a real word) what it is exactly you are fighting against. God I hope that makes sense by the time you get to the end of it. I think I might have staryed at some parts but I have no time to reread/rewrite. On a seperate note: It's ok Joe, except for my middle name I have a very white name. Plus I look really white so it's not easy to know that I'm Japanese. No offense taken.
  9. apathyworks

    OU Tournament

    When I started reading your post Andy, I wasn't going to respond because there was nothing in it that I would have been willing to contest. Until I got to the end and I was told that I don't know what discrimination is. I decided though that I still wasn't going to say anything, but then Tommy set me up so I guess I'll say something. There are many reasons why it is unjust for you to say that I don't know what discrimination is. Just because there are asians that don't have to deal with discrimination, doesnt mean that all of us are that lucky. Also alot of other asians don't have to deal with the fact that they are obviously half white like I have to. It really puts me in this bind of "I'm not asian enough to be accepted by my family and people that I know in Japan, and yet I'm not white enough to escape discrimination from some white people and other asian ethnicites." One thing people like to forget os that not all asians are the same, that yes there are differences among the different cultures, and no, they sure as hell don't get along all the time. It's really hard knowing that there are people, minorites, that view you as Japanese enough to be judged against, but your own people don't accept you as truly being one of them. It's no joke that Japanese are some the most culturally centered and biased (read: elitist) of the asian cultures. Tell me how I don't know discrimination when I was lucky enough to grow up in godd ol' boy country, where there are people that refuse to forget the grievious attack upon there nation that was Pearl Harbor, and the fact that you are Japanese. Tell me how a boy looking me in the face one day in sixth grade after the Pledge of Allegiance and saying "You shouldn't be allowed that, you aren't an American" isn't discrimination. Tell me why a little girl in elementory school should miss school on Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day because she is Japanese, simply because people are so rude and hateful to her. I can go into more about that, but that would be a waste of time. You get my point. On the flipside, I deal with alot of discrimination from other asian minorites and then my own family, for two seperate reasons. I've explained what I deal with from other asians, and it hurts. The main reason it hurts coming from other asians is because when I go to Japan to visit my family, I am white. I am not an asian there. My own mother used to call me a halfbreed because of my mixed blood. Tell me how that's not discrimination. I'm going to stop now because this post is already too long as it is.
  10. apathyworks

    OU Tournament

    You know what made me feel sick and gross? Having a girl from KCC walk up to me while I was watching Semis and saying "I hate you. You know why? Because you run racism good." Now, this doesn't make me feel sick and gross because I ran it, I feel sick and gross because there are people out there willing to make such direct judgements about me and the kind of person I am based off of something I did in a debate round. Seriously. Thinking I'm a racist because of that argument is the same as saying that I'm am anarchist because Tommy and I run a statism K alot. Just my personal narrative about some of the out-of-round happenings regarding the debates.
  11. Actually, I'm not an idiot, fucking or otherwise. I just don't know them. Get over it.
  12. Ok, all votes are in... Boy: Surprise surprise, we have a winner in Neal Sharma, winning by 7 votes to Tommy's 3, and Seth & Drew's 2. Girl: In a very close race, we have Molly Miller winning by 5 votes to Kaleigh's 3, Alyssa's 2, Hargis's 1, and "that one girl from Edmond North"'s 1. Sidenotes: Seth, I couldn't count your vote for girl because there were two people. But thank you for nominating me anyway . Winners will get their prize at Jenks (but if you aren't going to be there let me know so I can find a way to get it to you). j-shizzle: you sent me a message about Dave's votes, but unfortinately, I don't know the people he nomiated, so in the context of his post I have to assume they aren't current high school debaters. But either way they only received one vote each so it didn't make a difference. One final thing: Does anyone want to take the top four and have a Hottest Debater (single winner) poll? It was an idea put forth by Shane and we totally can if you guys want to.
  13. Was that the post where you said it counted for two votes? Because if it is I have it on there. ||edit|| Sorry, I was too busy making sure I got the name of the girl you votes for that I missed Drew; I accidentally gave it to Sharma. New Count: Guys: Sharma: 5 Warder: 2 Ferguson: 2 McNeil: 2 Girls: Miller: 4 Kaczmarek: 4 Hargis: 1 Dudek: 2 __________________
  14. Count as of 10:50 Sunday night: Guys: Sharma: 7 Warder: 1 Ferguson: 1 Girls: Miller: 2 Kaczmarek: 4 Hargis: 1 Dudek: 2
  15. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN STOP BEING MEAN. That is the worst topic devolution ever and is completely irrelevant to the point of this thread.
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