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  1. BHSFroggy

    Rest in Peace Chaz

    That's a big loss to KS debate. Sorry to see you go, Chaz.
  2. All basic tournament info is here: http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/web/ViewInvite.aspx?ID=160
  3. Derek, you didn't see the warrant because you're bad at K debate.
  4. Thanks for continuing the needless hate commentary, Andrew. You never cease to amaze. Look, people do forget that things like race and gender get factored into every discussion. Because it WASN'T mentioned, it had to be. It was sexist because censorship is based around the idea of protecting the white male power structure. It was racist because YOU said he was making allegations in order to get a green card. Asshole comments like that are the REASON Derek had to intervene. I'm sorry that he ended up on the wrong side, and I'm sorry that you've always been on the losing side. You hold up your debate trophies, but they'll always be overshadowed by how much you still don't get it. EDIT: We can have reasonable discussion. Shit like Andrew's post has to stop.
  5. I don't understand why people say that we should have a separate group. This diminishes the clash between ideologies and thus stagnates discussion, rather than encouraging it in a non-hostile environment. What should that group be titled? "DON'T Support Richard Young?" "Support the Victim!"? It's nonsensical and there's no reason for it to exist. Those groups would encourage the same amount of clash, and would probably inflame the community a lot. The point is, that we should just be content with having a profound and conscious discussion as rational people. You seem to forget, AGAIN, that there are feelings on both sides of the aisle. There are people hurt whenever discussions like these take place, and it's incredibly ignorant to assume that people with alternate points of view are callous and disregarding other points of view. Having a rational discussion necessitates putting one's emotions aside--that's what we learned the first time we were emotionally sidelined in a debate. We lose sight of that sometimes. This discussion is particularly clear about that.
  6. BHSFroggy

    Energy topic

    As a side note, can anyone point me to the actual topic papers? I swear I've looked everywhere and can't find a thing. Maybe I'm losing my touch, but I just can't find the document.
  7. I just hate that the knee-jerk reaction was to edit and delete. It doesn't make any sense, and with subject matter as highly politicized and polarized as it was, SOMEONE was going to be offended. On both sides. Maybe to encourage a healing community, we should just leave it be. And stop demanding that those that have power to censor ideas do so.
  8. What about the boy? That seems to be the same type of concern that gets tossed aside. Even if it's true that we should support RY in this forum, there is ZERO reason why this forum cannot have a second purpose, or why this forum has a concrete limitations on what can and cannot be said. This isn't a funeral. This isn't his eulogy. This is a criminal investigation and that's the end of it.
  9. PS - For every person that has been provided a home by RY, there is one also who has been deprived of one. I witnessed it. And not that it happened to me, but the man will have to do lots to redeem any respect or honor from me.
  10. I'm fairly certain that this discussion will only breed more anger.
  11. This tournament is opposite the second half of the swing (UTD). Lots of college debaters will be busy.
  12. Potter, you know better. Bunch of rich white kids go to Buhler. You all will see action pretty quickly. If I had to guess.
  13. BHSFroggy


    Heh. They had to get out the hazmat equipment to deal with that mess. Good times.
  14. I need a job next year, and I figure the best way I can help out on the high school circuit is to offer my services as a debate coach. I currently debate for Kansas State University and grew up debating for Richard Young in the Kansas circuit. PM me please.
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