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  1. Keep in mind this is a Varsity round and a hidden quarters "6,000 Jewish Muslims were killed in the Holocost." He was trying to compare strip searches of kids in school to people killed in the Holocost. Crazy enough they lost very badly.
  2. I've always wanted to hear something like "Debate sucks and so does the other team! Here's my impact analysis...." The underlined part always seems to happen. But nobody likes to say the part in bold. God damn I've only judged a few rounds this year but all I want them to do is impact analysis.
  3. This isn't some screwball scheme to get the Confederates who fleed prosecution by going to the southwest back together and reinstate slavery is it?
  4. You need to realize that you can win even if its just the last if its just the last 3 words you say in a novice round. I was time keeping for Chase M. at Whitman 2 years ago and he told them he would vote on impacts. No one mentioned it the whole round and it looked like the neg was going to get the ballot(because we weren't allowed to give a double loss) and then the 2ar with his last 5 seconds said "our impacts outweigh" Chase told them they both sucked but told them the aff won for that statement. You need to realize that novice debate sucks, plain and simple. Its just there to help you build up for varsity debate most of the time. So just have some fun and fuck around a little. Experiment with new stradegies with different judges and see how they work. In the long run it'll pay off. Peace
  5. Professor S


    I'd hope that they would give you a full ride. Tell Herby to get it in gear. Well hope you make it down her for next semester. Yusuf- it sounds like your living the life we all want. I'm just wasting my time at ISU waiting for the day when I'll be free to get a "good" job for the rest of my mediocre life. Paul- Debate and I aren't getting along right now and I didn't apply for the program. Speaking of which, what are you up to?
  6. Professor S


    The guy's had like 10 years to decide that he's not going to vote on a K or a CP, I just think that he should just be honest with debaters and tell them that hell has a better chance of freezing over then him voting on one. It sucks when you go into a round and a judge tells you they'll vote on something, you womp their ass on it and then the judge doesn't vote on it. I'm wasting my life at ISU, I heard a little rumor that you might want to come down here to debate. Well hope all is well with you and I hope Paul is having fun where ever he is. P.S. Yusuf, I'm not trying to attack Les, I just want him to be clear with debaters and not give them false hope. Plus what have you been up to, I haven't seen you since I was involved in the hotel incident in Johnny's room at Boise.
  7. Professor S


    Are you serious, I don't think I've ever seen a ballot that you've voted on a K or CP. You just say that to make yourself feel better about your status as a judge and then you turn around and screw people over. If you are not going to vote on it then be up front and honest with people and tell them. P.S. I'm sure everyone in Idaho is just as thrilled as I am that that you're back.
  8. It's not every tournament or every round, its during the round your in. P.S. I HEART Ashton as well. :flower: :flower:
  9. Do whatever you want. Personally, I'm going to vote no though unless you pick a paradigm and stick with it. You need to pick stock issues or communications or policy maker. I have had you many times as a judge and that is the one thing that never ceased to amaze me was your shifty paradigm. P.S. I think your a good, no great, judge, your paradigm is just a little hard to read. If you don't want to hear the K and CP's then just say so. Good luck Les Gunther, hopefully you make your choice based on what you want and not what we want.
  10. Professor S

    Hey Everyone

    Happy Birthday Ashton, Hope it kicks ass Some flowers for your Birthday :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:
  11. Okay, new deal, Private Message me with someones strat and something you need, if I have it I'll send it to you. If I don't have it I'll find something else you need and send it to you.
  12. We need to split the A schools and B schools up. Post if you know what schools are running so we can beat them. All I really care about is SE Idaho because I hate them with a passion. Bonnivelle- aff:There "A" team- Afghan opium/warlords ICC or change our nuclear policy from pre-emptive to a last resort? Neg: a lot of UN bad stuff Century- aff: demine with Bees Neg: Topicality, there "A" team only carries one small box, It can't be that hard. South Fremont- A runs displaced peoples B runs consult NATO Kuna CS AFF:Invade America Neg:Bio-Power I'll put more later and edit. Thanks for your support and to Candi Kissinger and Paul Montreuil for starting it and helping out
  13. Multiple camps people and All the evidence I can get for next year
  14. Will trade any of the camps I have. You can have all the files. All I need is this aff. I'll even trade multiple camps and any evidence I have for next year. Thanks. Fayandfarrell2004@yahoo.com
  15. Need oncase specific for districts tommorrow. Send tonight and I'll trade any of my camps evidence. Just write the arguments you seek. Thanks. FayandFarrell2004@yahoo.com Send ASAP
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