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  1. if ur answers to specific krtiks can work for nxt year, fine, ill give u tons...
  2. Do the students decide what the affs are, or the lab leaders?
  3. kevins right dana. PAUL, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS. THIS JUST RAISED MY COMP RATING FRM A 2 TO A 5!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. hey rebecca, i saw ur round against dcd, and i at least thought it ws somewhat close. oh well. good job tho, i could never do that good.
  5. true, weblo didnt get a great round. i came in frm the jv tourney at wells hall and saw the 2nr and 2ar, and weblo id a good job defending the genocide impact. they won the genocide debate for sure, but ehh. the 2 judges didnt buy it compared to that mofucking nuke war.
  6. guys, face it. laura is an awesome debater overall, not just as a novice. although its impolite to be cocky and make hit lists, w/e, u apologized. so lets have some interesting and clean debates at states. oh yeah... none of this disclosure business. debate is alway more fun without disclosure... settle down. let this be the last apologetic post, and lets just fucking talk abut states.
  7. kill urself dana. nishant may be hated, but he was at least good in school. ur just a fuckin idiot. ur annoying. die.
  8. i saw karl and brian face them with that same plan, and they run: OFF CASE T of fopo T of operation CAFTA DA Canada Do CP Regionalism K ON CASE Stuff on Threat Con Advantage Stuff on Genocide Advantage but the thing is, the neg ran the CP conditionally, so the rebuttals were mostly on the conditionality debate. The aff would have won if they had debated conditionality bad in the 1ar, and they didnt spend enough time on it. So, thats pretty much the only reason they lost
  9. try to flow twista and his rhymes. if u can do that, then props to you. you can flow any novice round. i can hook u up with a couple mp3s if u want
  10. thanks for that nonsensical post kevin. plus, u could tell she did debate in that round, seeing her first sentence is we would have won...
  11. so are u saying that theory is a prefiat argument, that it should all boil down to the abusive cp framework, because its prefiat, thus the first thing to look at in a round?
  12. I know what conditionality is, but when i was flowing this round, the 2ar went all conditionality framework "turns" or something like that on a conditional counterplan. but what really got weird is that the 2nr went for like 5 off. somehow the 2ar cross-applied the theory to the off. How can u apply the conditionality framework to the rest of the off like the DAs and T? also, what are some reasons that dispo framework is better than conditional framework? i can see education as a reason, that the aff can straight turn the counterplan when its in a "dispo world." but wouldn’t that be detrimental to the neg? the judges said after the round that the aff would have won if they spent a lot of time in framework in the 1ar. but , seriously, how do apply it to the rest of the args? the 1a was pdd-25 and the neg ran t of fopo, t of operations, cafta DA, canada cp, regionalism, and refuted, if not turned the threat con and genocide advantages. so how would they apply the framework args to that set. the neg went for all the off in the 2nr.
  13. will anyone help, cuz i cant find the articles without payiing for them!!!!! PLUS, I TOLD YOU, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SPELL MOST OF THEM!!!!!
  14. jesus christ, i know what lexis is, and i use a variation of it9 a college one) that only offers newsarticls. and no i ant pay for the orginal lexisnexis.
  15. It was soooo sweet. I was flowing this awesome varsity round(hott karl w/ the flyin dutchman vs. that super novice frm okemoes and whitney)... anyway, i heard these really good cards and a lot apply to genocide. i got some of the cites, but i have no idea if i spelled them right, but i wrote like how it sounded. please post the article r somthin if you know these cites. thanks. horatio in either 89 or 99 record in 95 lulac in 99 fisher in 98 rickydid?? in 98 booten in 2000 crozner in 01 heindrich in 01 i also heard a cite used in the regionalism k. it was like dutfield 95. thanks for any help.
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