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  1. As someone who debated and coached at the college level, I think 3 to 5 is ideal. If you're going beyond that it may be that you're not making the arguments deep enough.
  2. Any critique of science to STEM affs? I'm mostly looking for arguments against scientism.
  3. This seems like threat construction (bares some lose resemblance) or universalizing narratives by another name. I'm not sure there is an obligation to have a maximally persuasive case.
  4. I feel like there is a way to get more offense, like "securitization" good. I think Foucault DAs too about his understanding of power or creating DAs out of a rhetorical focus/textual focus/reps focus.
  5. I would suggest two sets of cards: Berube Rescher There might be something else. Its possible the Tetlock evidence or similar arguments might work. Perhaps someone can point to which files have had this over the years. How can you find this evidence yourself? 1) Outlines on the caselist that have underviews 2) Cases that have underviews
  6. So UNTIF is partially released. Only the starter pack is apparently publically released. This thread has at least one method for perhaps getting your hands on the rest of the files: https://www.cross-x.com/topic/61413-utnif-camp-files/?do=findComment&comment=939808
  7. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but the free riding problem doesn't apply to ethics. It only applies to organizations--or for utilitarian concerns. People might free ride.....it doesn't matter. Its fundamentally question begging. Hopefully I'll return to the article.
  8. Framework needs to engage their -ism. You need to be able to turn the -ism they claim to solve for. That is, you need to ideally have a (viable or credible) reason listed down that their failure to read a predictable aff actually hurts their -ism and or their movement. This can be something like "law key to justice & informal forms of justice can negatively implicate their -ism" (perhaps with a bit of adaption). Incidentally this is delgado argument, but I don't know from where. Why? Because they will inevitably say "our -ism" trumps topicality/framework. Or even go a step further and say their framework argument makes our -ism worse. Or both. Or perhaps something that creates a double-bind between their theory arguments and your framework argument (aka this isn't consistent).
  9. What about the following, which need a bit of development: Debate is both fun and funny. The idea that the judge can evaluate fun or funny seems a little dubious. Education and fun aren't mutually exclusive. Faiirness concerns aren't mutually exclusive. Raising awareness about the aff can trump fun. And we solve for both. I'm guessing they should spend significant time also doing fun stufff, in an attempt to win that framework or voting criteria.
  10. In terms of Michigan at the moment, the starter pack seems all thats available: https://sites.google.com/site/umichdebate/starter-set I may be wrong. Ok...they do have lectures here in powerpoint format: https://sites.google.com/site/umichdebate/lectures
  11. Answer this on the other thread, so the answers are all together.
  12. Yeah, I would do parli and go to your dream school. Also, this means you can have a bit more of a social life, which is nice.
  13. Cool!!! Can someone link that list to this thread, because this is going to likely be the thread that comes up when people search in Google. Plus it just makes life easier. Thanks!!!
  14. What are the affs? What are the DAs? What are the Kritics? What are the counterplan? What are the other relevant arguments?
  15. nathan_debate

    K aff help

    The K affs will mostly be critiques of the curriculum or model that education uses. So any critiques of that model. The challenge is finding the cards that connect moving away from the old model to a newer model. And even if it doesn't turn into an aff, it can be a critique on the neg. As a starting point, I would suggest looking at the thread on K affs on this topic.
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