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  1. How many novices are even on the OS squad (Average through the years)?
  2. Oh how some places would be better if the ol Vigilante system was back, like in good ol Kansas.
  3. Black Eye peas completely sold out. There new album is trash, complete trash compared to the others, it makes me just mad thinking about what they were, and what they are now... Sigh. I think money on the majority destorys music and makes people do crazy things, like Gwen Stefanie, and Linkin park/ Cold play (no diverse sound comes from them anymore, they all sound the same) Or maybe its just what emogame.com says after every big bands 2nd or 3rd album comes out they start to suck afterwards.
  4. I met a Pennsylvania Policy Debater today at the Photo Studio motel, he was very nice.
  5. http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/12/pink.floyd.reut/index.html :'( I will never get those tickets. I guess I have to watch it on TV then...
  6. Good Point Annaleigh, While I agree with KCC about the debate community being unfair, I disagree with them on the racism part. I also think that they are arguing the wrong point. Shouldnt they be arguing about the globalization over education? And how the government is targeting schools like KCC to further go into the Essentialist view point over education? Isnt that a bigger issue? Especially with Racism and Poverty, that is the issue. I think KCC is on a wrong pathway in changing mindsets.
  7. Ahhh! My ears :'( please stay in school. Omg.... Stay in school. My brother can free style better, and thats saying a lot.
  8. 6. I am not funny 7. My parents paid for me to get in the enrichment program.
  9. hahahahaahahaha, Yes Greg I hate those Negroes, I gotsta go kill myself now to stop'em from populating.
  10. Impossible, time is a concept created by humans, thus it is not parallel, not logical, not real.
  11. Public Forum isnt Fake, its life. Marina and I are putting in as much time and effort into PFD as any debater is for their case.
  12. Hmm... What happened to the mob, why didnt it go down?
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