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  1. All 3 Bellarmine teams broke. Simmons/Wong and Dimitrov/Rice dropped in Round 10. Grimes/Sigrist dropped in Round 9. And Rice got a speaker award (somewhere between #7-#14)
  2. California Coast Forensic League (we got 3 spots for qualifiers) Bellarmine Simmons/Wong Bellarmine Dimitrov/Rice Bellarmine Grimes/Sigrist
  3. Coast Forensics League Bellarmine Go/Vora Bellarmine Chung/Yang Bellarmine Karnik/Shah Bellarmine Deshmukh/Vijay Bellarmine Dimitrov/Walia Bellarmine Simmons/Wong Leland Liu/Young Lynbrook Gupta/Ho St. Francis Kazi/Rahman Does anybody know what Affs teams are running because it would be sweet if we could have at least some type of Aff casebook
  4. Glenbrook North VZ (Neg) def. Grapevine BG (Aff) (Polley, Quinn, Rogerson* - 2-1)
  5. St. Francis ?? (Aff) def. Bellarmine RW (Neg) St. Francis read Peace Corps. It was a fast round.
  6. not this year but last year it did conflict
  7. this weekend so any intel would be sweet. thanks you guys
  8. I'll start it up. From our league, we're sending Bellarmine Grimes/Groves Bellarmine Shah/Kumar Bellarmine Mathew/Baker Bellarmine Naik/Patel Presentation Thakkar/Gupta St. Francis Khan/Singh St. Francis Agrawal/Dixit St. Francis Kazi/Rahman Leland Liu/Young Lynbrook Gupta/Ho Bellarmine's been reading Racial Profiling, Extraordinary Renditions, and Asylum Seekers.
  9. who's going and what affs are being run that anybody knows about?
  10. TheCOWisPG13

    Big Lex

    folsom prison=bellarmine college prep in california
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