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  1. The plan is a piece of cake for China – they use RFID now. Sullivan – 6 (Laurie, Convergence, “RFID automates China ports”, Feb 2, The Port of Hong Kong and the Port of Shenzhen in China have deployed SaviTrak to manage cargo shipments. The technology, made possible by radio frequency identification technology (RFID), is from Savi Networks, a joint venture between Savi Technology Inc and Hutchison Port Holdings. SaviTrak, a web-based information service, provides automated alerts and reporting, including status of container contents and shipments. Automation at the ports is expected to ease space and capacity constraints, and assist to smooth supply chain kinks. "Container terminals in Hong Kong and Shenzhen are significantly more crowded than US terminals today because, and many have become more efficient with technology," said Lani Fritts, chief operating officer at Savi Networks on Wednesday. "That innovation is spreading to other ports." About 22 million containers traveled through the Port of Hong Kong in 2004; Singapore accounted for 21.3 million; and Shanghai, 14.5 million. At nearby Port of Shenzhen another 13.6 million containers were shipped, said Richard Steinke, executive director for the Port of Long Beach, at a meeting last week hosted by the International Business Association of Long Beach. Compare this with the 13.1 million containers shipped in 2004 through the largest ports in the United States, Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles. Although Los Angles and Long Beach ports are busy shipping hubs, they now dwarf in comparison to containers shipped at Asian ports because of the increase in US manufacturers moving production overseas, Fritts said. The RFID technology has been used to track and manage more than two million shipments worldwide in defence and commercial applications. Savi Networks leverages standards-based Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technologies, such as ISO 18000-7 operating at 433.92 MHz at ports to improve supply chains. Savi Networks began developing SaviTrak commercially in 2002 to provide networking technology to the Smart and Secure Tradelanes initiative, which included shipping thousands of RFID-tagged containers from Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany and South Africa. Do you know how to spell “China”? R-F-I-D, that’s how. Frost and Sullivan – no date cited (evidence refers to August 2006 in past, “Movers & Shakers Interview with Mr. Hudson Yang, Senior VP, RCG China”, Hudson Yang: It’s my pleasure, Angielina. Yes, our company was established in Hong Kong in 1999, and is also listed on the London AIM stock exchange in 2004. Our focus has not been the Hong Kong and Southeast Asian markets alone. At the early establishment stage, we also formed an R&D team in Shenzhen, the third largest Chinese city next to Hong Kong. Since then we have been closely monitoring the progress of the Chinese RFID and biometrics market to make our entry. So we officially entered China in August 2006, and now we have offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. We do find a lot of business opportunities in this flourishing country. Of course, worldwide, we have other six offices located in Hong Kong (headquarters), Macau, London, Dubai, South Africa, and Malaysia. Angielina Tay: What will be your strategies in China? How do you plan to capture the Chinese market And how do you position yourself in China? Hudson Yang: The Chinese auto-ID market is so huge that we wish to enter it at the right time, working with the right partners. We also hope to speed up the entrance into the Chinese market. Hence, for 2007 and 2008, we are rapidly expanding our product line to meet the demands of the Chinese market, through strategic alliances with partners in China. As I mentioned, we entered Shenzhen many years ago, but our focus is purely on R&D, therefore, we are now seeking commercial opportunities, through attending conferences and exhibitions to increase our exposure in public. We hope that our clients in China will become familiar with us quickly through these events, which is likely to lead to further communication with them. In China, we have realized that many of these RFID or biometrics companies are not focused, they are either participating in this market as part-timers, meaning, that their core business is not about RFID or biometrics, or they have switched from another form of business into the current one, for example, switching from the smart card business into RFID. So I am proud to say that we as a listed company, with a very strong technical background, and purely focusing on RFID and biometrics markets, stand a very good chance in the Chinese market. Besides participating in the nationwide annual exhibition, such as the 5th RFID China Summit held on the 10th of May in Beijing, we are also seeking close cooperation from the Ministry of Information Industry and CIITA RFID China Alliance to sponsor and help in the success of the upcoming RFID promotional event that is beginning in May.
  2. fellows has specifcj china solves in hte fellows cp file
  3. what r some reasons y plan-inlcusive-kritiks (piks) are legit? help with an interpretation, defense and offense please if your gonna be stupid or tell em 2 write my own blox then go away - its not helpful
  4. how does that make sense in context of the aff and 'splitting ethics'? whats the harms/impact of this aff? whats the deal with ethics in general?
  5. also what theyre stance on fiat and ethics cause all the dissad answers are talking about ethics...
  6. could some1 please explane this aff? like everything from what they say the squo harms are and how the plan solves? <Contention One: The Salvation Army Images from the end of the Second World War transformed our relationship to the world. Film footage of tanks rolling into German concentration camps has come to define our relationship to the military in terms of salvation rather then necessity. Seen as heroes, the tanks have been repeated over and over from one intervention to the next, deployed in the name of freedom and the protection of the other. International possibilities are now defined by a simple question: “What can our military do?” The military has become the frame for the way we view the world, but, at the same time, declarations of war have vanished. The disappearance of war “as such” has brought war into the social arena: war is now a humanitarian matter, organized around the identity of the oppressed, victimized other, and the citizen is already a soldier, waging war in the name of the nation. The single category of political intervention, represented by the figure of the military as the one who intervenes, has become split into multiple artificial categories. Practices of micro-management separate war into categories of militant and humanitarian action. This split artificially separates our concept of ethics and its political implementation. Cornish, 2002 Thus we propose to do away with such divisions between military and humanitarian action. Traditional understandings of citizenship are themselves a form of warfare. Acting in this light: The United States federal government should consolidate National Service programs, specifically including AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Learn and Serve America, Citizen Corps, and the Peace Corps, under the heading of “Armed Forces.” Contention Two: Creating the Burgundy Zone We need to commit ourselves to an ethical stance that we can implement with the totality of all force. No compromise should be tolerated. There is no room for decisions “on the ground” – we have to determine first and foremost what our world will look like before we can ever imagine living in it. Military actions should be undertaken only when absolutely necessary and as momentary strategic interventions. War should be intensified in order to remain as short as possible. Only a moment of absolute war can relieve the social pressures that otherwise develop into sustained humanitarian violence. We need to avoid defining violence in terms of identities that can be seen, interpreted and managed by force. The artificial separation between categories of “peace assistance” and “war fighting” produces a society organized around the War Machine. Society becomes a mechanism that produces a constant war that manifests itself in never-ending internal and external conflicts. The strategy of warfare loses its objective; rather then attempting to overcome the enemy in order to end the war, warfare becomes a constant drive to eliminate the presence of the other. Cornish, 2002 We must abandon strategic interests that preserve the War Machine. If war is unpredictable then ethics must be able to respond to chance. Ethics becomes an individual matter where the individual’s world orients their understanding to what actions are possible and necessary for a given context. The individual must decide for themselves if their actions fit an ethical framework. Such dispersion creates a necessary diversity. Conflicts become ethical rather then physical: the question is no longer of forcing others to do what one wants, but is rather of determining what one wants for themselves and orienting themselves towards its success. We ask you to imagine the Nietzschean figure of God as an ethical commander: this imaginary figure represents the guarantor of our ethical system, the imaginary position that can sustain our individual ethical disposition toward the other. In this sense, we have imagined God in order to imagine ourselves in God’s image: of course it is an arbitrary creation, but it our own creative, ethical will. Žižek, 1999.> thanks a bunch!
  7. im not sure if you guyzz understoood 1ac-random aff (with extinct impact) 1nc-wipeout 2ac-we may stop one level of extinction but weare going to read a midterm dissad against ourself saying we cause 9 other extinction impacts to humans
  8. cant you just read like 5 minutes of dissads in the 2ac and 3 minutes taking out wipeout?
  9. how many wipeout files are there? if you have anything just hit me up specifically i was looking for the one that was ppot out on a site with a child porn dissad and it was impact turns cause i downloaded it then forgot to save it and now that i need it the sites gone. origintial site http://cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=952999&highlight=wipeout it someone has that file i would trade MUCHO
  10. WIPEOUT ANSWERS!@!! pleeasse send to malubuutnif@yahoo.com i got alotot of sttuffff
  11. if anyone has weird stuff send it to malubuutnif@yahoo.com this includes ashtar, timecube, omega point, acrynoms K, and basically all death good arguments i have got spark, wipeout, and greg calender thx
  12. the mndi lab put out an immigration aff that gives citizenship to immigrants if they serve 2(?) years in americorps im supposta be stratting this case, any ideas? ps advanteges are expoitation and economy
  13. what does this say could someone explain one card at a time what the argument is and how it relates to speed
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