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  1. hey there


    quick question. i saw your post on cross-x forums about having a de-dev file, could i possibly get you to send it to me?


    many thanks :]


  2. wow that is a good topic. But how many judges will be able to put aside their political biases and evaluate the round fairly?
  3. thats obviously true, but however it will take a much more "policy" framework because you will be trying to convince your audience to do something. This will take the gamish stance that debate has taken and bring it back down to real world policy granted, Ks can still be run. they just have to be worded differently. I mean in real life policy situations kritikal arguments are used all the time. When the president said "The ends do not justify just any means" when talking about stem cell research that was essentially a K, despite the fact that you did not hear link implication etc. He was arguing that the benefits did not matter, it was how we were going about doing it that outweighed. Policy will take a more lay stance, which any decent polic debater should be able to handle im not sure what the point of my post is so yeah
  4. make sure they understand the basic structure of each type of argument, Ks, CPs etc. then line by line, definitely. And organization is a must
  5. yeah pattonville was one awesome tourney judging=excellent 3 of our 4 judges were flow unfortunately we got three lays in quarters, it woulda been alot more fun with a flow panel. granted south would have still beat us 3-0, but it would've been fun. Super props to pattonville for running a tourney this big on time I was surprised at the low number of champ teams though.....
  6. ok i need the negs for these three cases Don't Ask Don't Tell Material Wtiness Hatian Refugees ok i have: SD 3/2 weekI JDI UMKC WFI my email is epitome.of.insanity@gmail.com and my aim is Insaneamit if you're interested
  7. well, I know BSS D was in sems, considering they beat us.
  8. damn Bluesprings south is one badass team. breaking 4 to quarters and 3 to sems.
  9. with africa there could be alot of repeat cases, for example i owuld only have to modify the plan ad a bit of the solvency for my sudan case from last year.
  10. what ethnic group does the pink one represent?
  11. You're one slick con artist. You snatched 8 entire points.
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