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  1. what the flying fuck are you talking about.
  2. itr wasn't a question of "if" but rather a question of "when". i bet Al Qaeda is having a good laugh at us right now.
  3. Paul Best -- i looked at the site and the faq questions link was not working. can you please answer this person's question in detail? basically, what needs to be typed in? is it possible for you to put in a browse button so that we can insert our own sounds by browsing? thank you for you kindness and patience. it is very much appreciated.
  4. take a break? within the realm of competitive capitalism, that's quite impossible. unless i want to get left behind. back to cutting those link cards.....
  5. you rock, even though i think i may not have made myself clear. (i wanted the bleiker card, but anyways, i'm sure you helped someone out there!)
  6. those deaths are meaningless if the people are dehumanized to the extent of destroyed lives and constant oppression.
  7. AAAHHH! Do i smell a crazy minded conservative?!?! Lol, Coulter scares me.
  8. terrorism da - detained immigrants help fight terrorism.
  9. wouldn't that be extra t? i mean the coast guards are state operated.
  10. could you PLEASE post the bleiker card that kills juxtaposition perms/
  12. HAHA, just wait and watch, suckaz.
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