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  1. shae

    NDT results

    Go Michigan!
  2. Shut up, Keegan.

  3. No new details have been released that I'm aware of. I will talk to Jackie this weekend and try to get some more info.
  4. shae

    Oklahoma Debate Wiki

    YES! i know many people are apprehensive about posting information to the interwebs and such but it really is a worthwhile effort. it makes your debates much better because people are more prepared and can engage the intricacies and nuance of the other teams arguments. oh, i'll also scold you publicly for not posting your info to the wiki.
  5. Page 34-35 Here is the OSSAA manual with all of the information you could ever need about Oklahoma speech and debate.
  6. shae


    indeed i did phil. i judged house finals.
  7. shae


    i judged the hell out of that tournament.....
  8. i guess that shit doesn't include things like going to class.....
  9. where the hell have you been? i haven't seen you in months.
  10. while you could read generic PoMo bad type args it would probably not be the best strategy. you would be better off actually researching the other teams arg's and cutting a strat that is specific (and far more responsive). k teams love it when people read lame generics because they are so easy to beat.
  11. seriously dude? chase isn't even associated with debate anymore and no one cares. yost is right: chase sucks.
  12. i'm not sure if phil could have been less productive......
  13. Incidentally, I believe yost judged as much on the east side as he did on the west side......
  14. i hope i never judge a 1-off t debate....
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