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  1. Oh, no. That's not what I meant. I was just trying to point out that it wasn't Sarah and Christa's fault they dropped either.
  2. Tony: *I* didn't pick up one ballot at nationals. *I* wasn't even at nationals last year. Skyline most certainly isn't the epitome of Eastern Idaho debate. If you're going to point fingers on that one, look to everyone else on this side of the state. Take Teton, Blackfoot, Madison, S. Fremont, or Hillcrest, and then take Charles and I or Christa and Sarah. With the exception of Jimmy and Martha from Blackfoot -once- this season, Charles and I had NO rounds with kritiks. We ran normativity a few times, we ran Existentialism a few times, we ran WB like every neg round. Most of the time, against really stock cases, we ran really stock positions. I was the IAC, and anyone who watched one of my IAR's (i.e. Stan Bessey) knows that I don't exactly crumble under a spread. Our aff had 2 discursive advantages. The closest thing to a progressive argument run against us by anyone else all year was like a North Korea, UNSC, or spending DA. Seriously dude, watch a round or talk to someone; don't just run your mouth because of something you heard about last year. The whole "bold internet ego" statement was just that. I'm calling you people out because I'm sick of reading people's bitchfests about rounds on here after every goddamn tournament and then watching them say "Oh, I didn't mean it like that" every time someone steps up to defend them. It's not just Eastern Idaho, the "constricting system of oppression." Christ, I need to get a life? If you were that hardcore of a believer in that, then maybe you would try deconstructing your discourse that entrenches this whole East/West dichotomy and winds up demonizing everyone over here. Yes, I've read a little Spanos myself. It's not a question of speaking freely, it's a question of whether you're really prepared to roll the dice on a round by spitting out 8 minutes of postmodern criticism (that you yourself most likely don't have that great a grasp of) at unintelligible speed in front of THE FUCKING BUS DRIVER. If you don't want judges like that, then go right ahead and pay thousands of dollars to fly them in from all over the country. It's as simple as that. I know I'm a lot more concerned about how I'm going to pay for college next year than trying to get legit judges to come down here. You're not just trying to "resist oppression," you kids are making direct attacks against my school, my program, my friends. Just as Candi so valiantly jumped to her boyfriend's aid, I'm doing so for the people I care about now. But hey, I live 200 miles East of you, so I'm not allowed to do that, am I? Candi: Ummm... let's read. Quote: "If everyone from the west side of Idaho was as frigging amazing as you people seem to think, then why aren't you taking home hardware from the big national circuit tournaments abroad?" The whole point I'm making here is that y'all are acting as if being a freshman in his first round from a Boise area school is automatically better than a senior with 4 years of experience from this side of the state. Basically, the idea is, not everyone from over there is God's fucking gift to the activity. You've got good debaters from good programs that can afford to send them all over the place. WE DON'T. It's pretty elitist to act like, because we don't have the MONETARY RESOURCES to travel to TOC bid tournaments (Whitman was the only one this year and I competed L/D), we're not worthy. I'm once again glad after your little counter-tirade you still did what I asked and levied a specific complaint against someone instead of making warrantless blanket attacks against Eastern Idaho. The part that irritated me about yours specifically was "I think I just threw up. Why would I ever support Skyline?" I found it infantile, once again unfounded, and all in all uncalled for. What have we ever done to you? How have we WRONGED you, Candi? Amy's, Ashton's, and Sam's comments seemed to give off the same connotation, i.e. "I'll judge that shithole of a round for first alt," etc. Note: I DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN OR CONDONE THE STYLE OF DEBATE THAT GOES ON HERE. I DO NOT LIKE IT. However, I do not think that the way one is coached warrants random belittling personal attacks against people that once again, you don't know. Gilgamesh/Sam: You're a debater with hardware. I'm glad. That totally refuted the other 99% of the post. You're still not grasping the fact that there was one week MAXIMUM to schedule the round from Saturday or whenever the hell it was officially announced. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a round, just a forfeit and a free ride. The coaches scheduled the round at 7:00 AM on Tuesday. Did you seriously want to drive at 3 AM on a weekday to come watch a "shithole" high school debate round? If so, then I'm terribly sorry they didn't contact you about it. I honestly am. The fact remains, though, that you didn't even make that huge of an effort to get involved, either. You posted on a forum that hardly any of the people that would have anything to do with the logistics of the round in question read, and then expect, because you DESERVE to somehow, that they drop everything, ask for you to judge, and wait until it was convenient for you. The point: if you're gonna *start* shit about someone, be a fucking adult about it and don't do it over a public debate website. Face it: it was immature and uncalled for. If any of you have a problem with me, PM me and we can talk about it over the phone.
  3. "Don't be upset with Mike. It's not his fault they couldn't go." I think it's funny how all the shit that people were giving to Madison (and then retracted once they were confronted about it) is now being directed toward Christa and Sarah. If any of you spent more than 5 minutes with either of these two outside of the debate context, you'd realize that they are two of the sweetest people on the face of this planet. That's two hells of a lot more than I can say for several of the other people that I've known in this community. Here's the bottom line, kids: grow the fuck up. If you're bitter about not making it to nationals, or for not breaking at state, don't tear down the other teams that do. It sure as fuck isn't their fault you lost, so don't take it out on them. Yeah, I'm not happy about not qualling in L/D for the fourth year in a row after winning various tournaments, making it to the TOC last year, and taking 2nd at the only-L/D-TOC-bid tournament that I went to this year, but you don't see me slandering the people that took my stead. Quit acting like five year olds trash talking on a public debate website and get the hell over it. "Good luck with life?" If you don't understand that you're going to get the shaft every now and then, that life doesn't operate under your own little paradigm, and that the world doesn't start and stop at y'alls goddamn convenience, then YOU are the ones who will have the proverbial rude awakening later in life. If everyone from the west side of Idaho was as frigging amazing as you people seem to think, then why aren't you taking home hardware from the big national circuit tournaments abroad? (Paul and Allen excluded it seems). Man up-- levy a specific complaint with someone or keep your mouths/fingers shut. As for the "shithole of a round" in question... There were seven (7) days from the time that the drop was announced to the deadline another competitor was given to make a decision about going to nationals to schedule a round, find judges, etc. Time wasn't exactly a luxury, and excuse them all to hell for not being able to get "legit" judges from all the way across the state at such short notice. Frankly, it was an E. Idaho team vs. an E. Idaho team, so why the hell not have E. Idaho judges? I'm just waiting for some moron to get on here and start bitching about what the negative team ran. No K's? No shit, Sherlock! Once again, let's reference my little rant from a while back about adaptation. You don't fucking run normativity, Agamben, Zizek, etc. in front of judges who ARE GOING TO DROP YOU IF YOU DO. "Wahhh... they ran FXT, solvency, and UN Bad"... if you look at the case presented, it was hella effectually topical, really didn't have any solvency, and UN Bad because saying UNICEF distributes kiddie porn is pretty damn hilarious. If you can't play the game correctly, don't expect to do well. Sure, there's an honestly bad beat every now and then, based off team recognition from earlier in the year, length of hair (god I hate those), etc., but it's a rare occasion that you see someone who wins like that get on here and play Sacrificial Lamb for the rest of the community to publicly berate and flame. Just like Charles and I, Sarah and Christa are about the least "East Side" the east side could offer. If you've got beef with the concept of Skyline High School, I'm incredibly glad. That's like having a problem with the Tooth Fairy. It's an inanimate object, a construct, a building. As the president of Skyline's debate program, I'm more than welcome to entertain any reasonable suggestions on how to improve it. By all means, folks, I've got a pen and paper armed and ready to jot down your pearls of wisdom here. Charles and I spent every ounce of effort that we could spare into shaping our team into something outside of the "Idaho Norm." Obviously, it seems, we've done a damn good job. We've, at the very least, taught them how to argue in front of an audience with a *gasp* different opinion of their own, taught them how to win with humility, and taught them how to lose with dignity. Yes, everyone steams a little after tournaments, but to hold grudges like this is simply ridiculous. If you've got a specific complaint with me (or anyone else for that matter), if I have somehow WRONGED you in any way, come out and say it to me instead of hiding behind your bold internet ego and making random attacks against the people I care about.
  4. Wake Forest, probably debating.
  5. Smoked several times a day for two years. It's been 5 weeks today since I quit. Owned. The only withdrawal symptoms I'm having are a) an uncontrollable desire to keep my wallet empty b/c it's so fat now and the ability to run a 5:30 mile again. Woopdee fuckin do.
  6. Weed is as mentally addictive as chocolate because of the same patterns of behavior surrounding it. Stoner: "I want to get stoned." My mother: "I want chocolate." In fact, I don't think I've ever seen somebody actually start fiending for marijuana yet. I've met several people, however, who are violently addicted to chocolate. The fact of the matter is, Floydian, my information comes from a number of various, unbiased sources, from erowid (arguably the best and most extensive information on the web) and even the freaking DEA's website. Everything you've said is all your unqualified (since you obviously have never smoked pot) opinion. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to spend 2 hours going through and posting the links to all of this information when all you're going to say is "Nuh uh!"
  7. Floydian, you're a moron. Warrant your points (gosh, what a NOVEL idea on a fucking debate website ) with some hard data or some first-hand knowledge. Until then, we'll all just leave you to your imaginery world where ad hominems, straw mans, and tautologies are socially accepted by the academic community.
  8. I haven't read most of this thread because most of it's idiotic. One of the top executives of the Drug Enforcement Agency (yeah, the guys who are kicking in doors of doctor's offices and shooting down airplanes of tourists for being suspected Columbian drug lords) called marijuana "The safest psychoactive substance known to man." If someone were to pick a vice, marijuana would be the ideal choice. Cannabis Satvia (pot) leaves have 5x more "tar" than your average tobacco leaves. Thing is, nobody smokes the leaf. They smoke the bud, which has 1) fewer carcinogens 2) people don't chain smoke joints like they do cigarettes, and 3) if you smoke from a water pipe or bong, it filters out many of the harmful chemicals. The smoke from the cannabis plant doesn't constrict the tiny airways deep within the recesses of your lungs like tobacco does, either, making it actually much better for your lungs to smoke pot and tobacco than just tobacco alone. It's also never, EVER, been linked to a case of lung cancer by itself. Studies conducted in Great Britain and Australia indicate that people who drive high are much more capable of driving than people who are drunk. People who are high are much less likely to be involved in violent crime, rape, robbery, etc., than people who are drunk. Marijuana isn't physically addictive at all and not any more psychologically addictive than T.V., chocolate, or sex, so that point is just retarded. Marijuana doesn't cause insomnia. In fact, many people I know use it as a sleep aid. Marijuana does cause a lack of motivation, I'll give you that, but so does being drunk. THC (the stuff in marijuana that gets you high) DOESN'T KILL BRAIN CELLS. AT ALL. Ethanol does. Marijuana causes memory loss, but so does getting trashed. Everyone goes through one of those "What the hell did I DO last night?" nights during their party career. Marijuana causes infertility as much as T.V., cell phone, and computer radiation does. Taking a hot shower kills sperm. Working out kills sperm. Wearing whitie tighties kills sperm. You're an idiot. I don't know what the hell "athsma reverse tolerance" means, but people with asthma can handle pot smoke alot more than tobacco smoke. Paranoia? What the hell's the impact to that? What the hell's the impact to ANY of your arguments? None. I've either non-unique or straight turned everything you've thrown out. Quit speaking and do some research. http://www.erowid.com could help.
  9. ... Which is why the janjaweed regularly describe their prey as "slaves."
  10. Non-unique. Those troops will go somewhere else if not into wherever plan places them.
  11. ... Because *actually* answering arguments is lame .
  12. New England is going to rock Philly's world. End. Of. Story.
  13. <Raises hand> I got a bid at Whitman too!
  14. I was a member of one of Alabama's 3 curling teams for all of a day. It was neat.
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