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    NY States

    No, it'll be SK.
  2. Er no, Edgemont dumped that strategy because they weren't winning on it. Now Baum/Kreisberg have moved onto Ks that link more specifically, like Heidegger and nonviolence.
  3. No. Are you kidding? Edgemont's Consult the Ministry of Magic block is sick.
  4. I talked to somebody from Lex and they did in fact confirm that Greenhill, Kinkaid, and GBS are coming. GBN is tentative if they can get a good flight.
  5. Othersider


    Wrong, Edgemont d. ICE on a 5-0 in finals.
  6. Yeah, that was the only place I knew to get a decently meaningless graph.
  7. I've noticed several misguided attempts to quantify a substantial "investor" market benefit. It seems here unemployment, in the traditional sense, would not result in a "tsunami" but rather a "tidal wave". Please examine the latest economic data concerning job rates before entirely dismissing my argument: The research is principled, and this argument is proven by the dynamics of the stock market crash. When FDR first declared a bank holiday, an unprecedented ripple effect was seen, heard, measured, and smelled throughout most of the 3rd-world upper class. Allow me to clarify - This concept of supply and demand is fundamentally skewed for several reasons. Technological advance, as a means to an ends, but not an end in and of itself a means, is not perceived as you describe. More precisely, in order to implement the alogirthm from previous economic trends, we need to identify certain operands and operators. We both agree, now, that the first operand may very well be the airline industry. But is it an operand AND an operator, in the larger context of socioeconomic determinism? The answer is a qualified "maybe". On one side of the economic spectrum we have so-called "free personality": by definition it is possibly compulsive, but not necessarily. Free personality in economics has neither conflict nor dream. The desires of the populace, as we well know, are transparent, and this is part of the sine qua non of concious financial predictions; any discernable pattern would alter quanitity and intensity, which means these arguments in the end are asinine and unfounded. There is little in them that is natural, irreducible, or culturally prescriptive. In all probability,the economic predictions create bonds themselves that are nothing but the mutual reflection of these self-secure integrities. Where is the hall of mirrors in a room full of radioactive waste? If a new spirit is to be infused into this old country, the possibility of energy prices ever rising again is questionable. It is up to the Australian people to carry out this ambitious act of economic reform. But this current form of pseudo-science is despicable.
  8. No you fool, it's only fair if the judges require below-the-table cash payment. I bet you have no friends, emalius. I would shoot myself if I knew you.
  9. You are ridiculous. Regardless of how awesome you think you are, it's not much of a tournament if judges judge their own schools competitively.
  10. Always ending sentences without prepositions can be awkward. This is something up with which I will not put. Sorry for the interruption...
  11. To show the world that plan plus counterplans are permutable...
  12. Actually, emalius is correct in his assertion that HDSA was 04-05's defining moment of debate.
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