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  1. i hope you were laughing hard bc you realize paul is one of my best friends, and not bc you think i am a jerk. either way...in case anyone was wondering, that was a joke... T.
  2. this thread has become humorous for me.
  3. xacalite

    Sam Allen

    pmed you the information Tony. on izaks account
  4. Levinas works pretty well for a lot of affs. You can get at least one book in the K forum.
  5. xacalite

    Dehum Adv

    you just stated the link. not being given "human" dignity, being treated "inhumanely" is a category that is used to give certain right to humans while excluding non-humans.
  6. xacalite

    Agamben Texts

    several of them were broken.
  7. this also means that the evidence on the genocide discussion would be much better and make more sense, because it looks like you're using a blurred border that changes with the weather. the political boundary, is, at least, fixed, allowing the aff to get ahead on the brightline and genocide debates. in my opinion.
  8. yeah, but it's still a political boundary, meaning it can be equally arbitrary and exclusionary. it doesn't seem you like gain predictability by that, because there can easily be (and i don't know the topic, but i imagine are) disputes about the saharan's border
  9. but isn't the sahara's border a political border as well...sure it has some geographic features, but that's no different from a river dividing two countries.
  10. that's the point-the movement will become a dominant power structure and get rid of all kritiks, but then it necessarily must self-destruct, allowing the silent resistance to emerge.
  11. centennial won't be coming, so neither will tony or mike bausch.
  12. i'm not sure what that ToC champ dude was talking about, but there is no need for blankets. it's fucking hot in the dorms...really hot. fan is a must, and by must i mean necessary for survival. you can bring sheets, but they provide some, and i didn't see any reason to prefer my own, but to each his own. i wouldn't suggest bringing a printer, because people will just mooch off of you and then your lab leaders will find out and force you to bring it for the lab to use...don't bring one. just use one in the library or wherever. power strip/surge protector: very, very useful. if you have a laptop. if not, no reason to care. don't worry about the leatherman. bring it. don't stab someone with it and they won't care. most important message: bring a damn fan.
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