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  1. Does Spanish River debate still exist?
  2. Does south florida have any policy debate teams anymore? Specifically, Spanish River? (Or anyone for that matter..) I bet ft laudy and gulliver are still going strong etc.
  3. Will do it for 500k a year.
  4. Depends on how hopeless your grades are.
  5. homiejon69

    Reality Check

    I read the first four sentences of this post and stopped. I am assuming your rant can be summarized by the following: The debate community is an insulated community, young kids prioritizing doing exceptionally well is irrelevant in the grand scheme of life/careers etc. Obvious these things are true. I regret my obsession in high school with debate. It helped me get better at research, writing, arguing, which in turn has given me a chance to do exceptionally well in college. However I regret prioritizing debate over all else. So yes, the TOC doesn't matter. Most of these kids will figure this out if they don't debate in college.
  6. homiejon69

    FFL States

    Who won the prestigious florida bluekey this year?
  7. Coming from a big eater (fat person): I was a vegy for around 18 months and then went back. Being a vegy was easy, enjoyable and def. made me feel "better". However I ate a SHIT load of a.) cheese b.) starch/bread and was never sufficiently full. I'd eat alot of small meals (unhealty meals consiting of veggys etc but also mad bread and cheese) Being a meat eater sucks too. I feel shitty physically and ethically after consuming most meat. However a porterhouse at Peter Lugers is orgasmic. Don't know where I am really going with this. I guess there are drawbacks to all lifestyles. I could never be a "vegan". Why deny yourself one of the greatest substances in the world? Cheese..is...yummy.
  8. homiejon69


    From my understanding you were awful. Did you ever break and or bid? Doubtful.
  9. homiejon69


    Were either of you even good at debate?
  10. homiejon69


    Your cool bro. How old are you?
  11. homiejon69


    how scum are all of you? they make a debate film- a very good one- and you all talk shit? The funny thing about this whole thing is this kid would rape all of you in debate (or really any other academic/skill game). Resolved reached mad audiences was on HBO for people to see- don't you want good publicity for our event? I think it was an excellent film. You all are huge hypocrites- a successful father finances a debate movie and u all talk trash about being wealthy and what not. You would say the same shit if he bought materials etc. People financing movies about debate=good thing. Pro debate=good thing. This is a fucking joke.
  12. First, congratulations to Matt. I can't think of a better person to take over such a great debate program. Matt is an excellent coach and educator and will an amazing job coaching edgemont. Second- Ben- you are the man. I am sure the entire Northeast and debate community are sorry to see you leave. You did amazing things with the edgemont program- best of luck in law school.
  13. um. wow? why boca raton? my old stomping ground lmao
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