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  1. Version

    Table of Contents Fully blocked out, multiple different strategies.

    10.00 USD

  2. Version

    Here is the SKFTA answers section with impact turns from my thursday file. I separated this out in case people wanted to buy these but not the full file. If you bought my thursday file, this file is repetitive, do not buy both! Index 1 2AC – Non Unique – SKFTA 2 1AR – NO SKFTA 3 A/T Obama will bundle and pass all the FTAs 4 Colombia FTA Won’t Pass 5 SKFTA – TAA Uniqueness Thumper 6 SKFTA – A/T Vote Coming 8 SKFTA – A/T Solves War 9 A/T SKFTA solves relations 11 SKFTA Bad -  War 13 SKFTA Bad - Warming 14 SKFTA Bad – US-Japan Relations 15 SKFTA Bad – US-Japan Extn 16 SKFTA Bad – A/T Key to the Econ 17

    5.00 USD

  3. Version

    Table of Contents For this week’s TF you should know a few things.1. Congress has not been in session all week. This means that your older evidence from last weekend is still relevant because not a lot has changed this week, it has been mostly rhetoric.2. I focused more on AFF answers to SKFTA than anything else because it seems like a majority of teams have been running that scenario. You have enough Uniqueness to win a link turn (including a good 1ar block). In addition, I cut some impact turns to SKFTA to give you flexibility on how you want to answer the disad. Personally, I don’t think the Neg can win SKFTA will pass, so I think link turning is the right way to go. (Which is also why I didn’t cut that DA)3. I think that the entitlement reform disad is alright. I would read all of the “PC Key” Cards in the block to answer both their uniqueness arguments and their link turns. The Impact card for entitlement is really good. I would read the warrants and make sure to write out a good extension of that for the block. Good Luck this weekend!

    10.00 USD

  4. Version

    Table of Contents This is a small update file for CFLS. It has many aff answers to politics and a small neg file. Definitely worth 4 dollars. All uniqueness evidence and aff answers are from this week. It's in .doc format.Thanks and good luck

    4.00 USD

  5. Version

    Table of Contents This is a very useful file for impacts to a Japan prolif disad. The impact work is completely done you just need to fill in links and uniqueness. As a bonus this file contains a 1NC and some 2NC cards for a F22 disad. A great deal for 4 bucks

    4.00 USD

  6. Version

    Table of Contents This is a comprehensive Impact file for Nuclear Proliferation. Almost every card is from 08, 09 or 10. No old cards in this file. It's in .doc format so you don't have to worry about PDFs. This is a very useful file to answer proliferation impacts or to defend your proliferation impact.

    9.00 USD

  7. Version

    Are you going to CFLS this weekend? Do you need answers to the main scenarios being run? This file has answers to the Thursday File and Planet Debate politics file. I cut all these cards this morning and they are all cited correctly for Nationals. Index 1 2AC – Afghanistan - NO 2 2AC – Afghanistan – No Impact 3 2AC – Afghanistan – Withdrawal Good 4 2AC – Afghanistan – Withdrawal Good 5 2AC – Health Care – Won’t Pass 6 2AC – Health Care – Thumper 7 2AC – Health Care – Doesn’t Solve 8 2AC – Law of the Sea – Won’t Pass 9 Aff – Law of the Sea – A/T Republicans can’t block 10 A/T LOS Good 11 2AC - Cap and Trade – Fails 12 2AC – Generic – No Political Capital 13 NO PC 14 Agenda fails 15 .Doc format, like always. Good Luck!

    3.00 USD

  8. Version

    This file has been updated throughout the year. It contains a bunch of different High Food Prices Bad scenarios. As an added bonus, I included an advantage counterplan to solve food prices advantages that has not been broken yet. Index 1 Biofuels Key to Food Prices 2 Moral Obligation 4 Starvation 6 Global War 7 Egyptian Coup 10 Terrorism 12 Deforestation 16 Indonesian Instability 18 Afghanistan 21 North Korea 30 Pakistan 34 Food Prices ADV CP 38 2NC - CP solves North Korea 39 2NC – CP Timeframe 40 2NC – Local Food Key 41 In .Doc Format, like all files I have recently posted

    6.00 USD

  9. Version

    This is a disad against increasing Biodiesel Subsidies (Aff Westminster Broke in the Outrounds of the TOC). All of the Uniqueness and Links are from 08 or 09 for this Argument. Index – Biodiesel DA 1 1NC – CP 2 1NC – Biodiesel DA 3 Trade War: Brinks 5 Protectionism Brink 7 2NC – Impacts – Russia Expansionism 8 Long Russia Expansionism Impact (1NC Module) 9 2NC – Russia – Impact Calc 11 2NC – Impacts – Arms Embargo 12 2NC – Arms Embargo – China/Taiwan Impact 13 2NC – East Asia Arms Race Impact 15 AT Embargo Fails / Won’t Sell the Weapons 16 AT Taiwan War Doesn’t Escalate 17 AT China Won’t Invade – US Detterence 18 AT – No Taiwan Independence 19 Arms Race Scenario – AT US Protection Solves Arms Race 20 Trade Wars Spillover 21 2NC - A/T Won’t Escalate 22 A/T Just Rhetoric 23-24 In .Doc format.

    5.00 USD

  10. Version

    Answers to Algae Ethanol is Good. All evidence from 08 or 09. Any comments? Index 1 Algae Vulnerable to disease 2 No Investor Confidence in Algae 3 Algae Not Solve Oil 4 1NC - Algae Not Viable 5 2NC - Algae gets shut down 6 2NC – Algae not Viable 7 1NC – No Algae (Costly + Science) 8 A/T Investment Key to Development 11-12

    3.00 USD

  11. Version

    Table of Contents The most comprehensive answers to Cellulosic Ethanol ADvantages Avaiable. This file is the result of a year long research project into cellulosic ethanol development and includes the most qualified evidence on the issue. Produced by multiple NDT qualifiers and will win you lots of debates at CFLS and NFLS (many new ethanol affs at the TOC). Includes both offense and defense, so you can decide what to go for.EnjoyEmail me if you have any questions, complaints or comments,Thanks!

    8.00 USD

  12. Hey, My name is Bryan Gort and I go to the University of Kentucky and debated at Pace Academy. If you need someone to Judge, Cut cards, coach or whatever for NCFLS and/or NFLS, i'm looking to get hired. If you are interested please email me at Bwgort@gmail.com
  13. Version

    Table of Contents A special Glenbrooks Bonus!This is a fully blocked out disadvantage that is ready to go. It has extensive Impact Work which will make outweighing the case a breeze. Buy in conjunction with our original Politics File and receive a special deal.

    3.00 USD

  14. BryanGort

    11/16 Politics

    Added Preemption DA 200 PGS for 10 bucks
  15. Version

    Table of Contents This is the best deal on a Politics Disad that you will be able to find for the Glenbrooks tournament:1. Immigration Reform Bad Disad -- A New Scenario that is fully blocked out to all the arguments and includes multiple impact scenarios. You've got answers to all the possible impact turn arguments, and are on the right side of the uniqueness. 2. The India Deal -- This file includes a substantial amount of impact, link, and internal link work on the most popular disad of the year so far. More importantly, it has innovative Impact Turns that NO OTHER FILE will have, so you'll have the goods that others wont have answers too.3. Extensive Uniquness Work -- On both the Link and Agenda Specific Uniquness, you will find no other file with more scenarios with answers to.4. Answers To all major disads: Link turning not your thing? No Worry -- this file comes with impact defense to all the scenarios so that you can actually use your affirmative vs. the Politics Disad5. BEST PRICE AVAILABLE. No other file this weekend will beat it on a cent / page basis -- you are guaranteed to be getting the best deal! Less than $.05 per page!

    8.00 USD

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